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Black Friday & Cyber Monday HVAC Deals 2023!

Are you looking for the absolute best Black Friday and Cyber Monday HVAC deals on the Internet? Well, good job, because you found them.

Decoding the HEATR Act for Energy-Conscious Consumers

Learn more about the HEATR Act and its impacts on HVAC manufacturers and consumers. Browse energy efficient products from Ingram's Water and Air today!

The ICEE HOT Act and HVAC Electrification: Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency

Learn more about HVAC electrification compliance, benefits and efficiency with our article! Legislation is encouraging HVAC electrification with rebates.

MrCool 3rd and 4th Gen DIY: What's the Difference?

MrCool recently released their 4th Gen DIY Ductless Mini-Split, and it's great! But what's the difference from the previous generation? Read to find out!

Water Heater Lifespan: How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

A new water heater can save you money and last for years with proper care. Browse reliable and efficient tankless water heaters from Ingram's Water & Air.

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