Dan Danowski

Dan "Strongjaw" Danowski is the one who writes the words you read on Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment. He wrote these words. And these. Also, these. And others elsewhere. If you read words that are not good, he did not write those.

  • Specialty: Dead Languages and Useless Trivia
  • Hobbies: Swords for $500, Trebek!
  • Favorite Quote: "The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has." - Will Rogers
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  • Amelia Bedelia
    Amelia Bedelia
    Posted on 8/14/2020

    When I was trying to get my cat down from a tree, Dan was there.

    When a bus of schoolchildren teetered over a canyon and suddenly right itself, Dan was there.

    When there was a little piece of cabbage stuck in my teeth, Dan was there.

    Where was Kyle? Unknown. He was there a second ago, and yet all I saw was Dan Danowski.