12k BTU 22 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted

Item: HA20868
Models: DIY-12-HP-C-115B, DIY-12-HP-WMAH-115B
Condition: New
Take full control of your home comfort with the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System. Homeowners can easily install this outdoor heat pump condenser and indoor air handler since installation requires no special tools, equipment, or training. This full heating and cooling system can be installed in just a few hours. It has a heating capacity up to 12k BTU, so it is ideal for spaces up to 500 square feet depending on your climate zone.

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This Bundle Includes

12k BTU MrCool DIY Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler - 3rd Generation 12k BTU MrCool DIY Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler - 3rd Generation Item: HA20864 Model: DIY-12-HP-WMAH-115B Qty: 1


Take full control of your home comfort with the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System. Homeowners can easily install this outdoor heat pump condenser and indoor air handler since installation requires no special tools, equipment, or training. This full heating and cooling system can be installed in just a few hours. It has a heating capacity up to 12k BTU, so it is ideal for spaces up to 500 square feet depending on your climate zone.

The key to the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System's easy installation capability is the pre-charged Quick Connect line set — MrCool's cutting-edge technology that makes setup safe, simple, and cost effective. The line set uses the environmentally friendly, and chlorine-free refrigerant R-410A, which is an alternative to old refrigerant that won't damage the ozone layer.

But what if your new MrCool ductless mini split runs low on that same R-410A refrigerant? Not to worry, since an alert will appear on your indoor unit. It lets you know so you can address issues before they cause costly damage. Should a power outage occur, the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System will auto start once power returns, making your home comfortable as soon as possible.

That's not all. The MrCool indoor wall unit also displays alerts when the air handler filter needs cleaning or replacement. With this feature, you can trust the air you breathe is always fresh! The cleaning alert displays after 240 hours of operation and filter replacement is suggested after nearly 3,000 hours of run time.

The outdoor MrCool mini split condenser can be anchored to the ground or attached to a wall with a bracket. The outdoor unit is 31.5 inches wide, 21.8 inches tall, and 13.1 inches deep, while the mounting dimensions are 20.24 inches wide by 13.39 inches deep.

The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System can handle a wide range of outdoor temperatures, as low as 5°F and as high as 122°F. Plus, with the auto, sleep, and timer modes you can customize your system to run to your preferences and keep your HVAC running efficiently; saving money.

When the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY mini split is in COOL, DRY, or AUTO mode, an anti-mildew function activates and keeps a low fan running for about 10 minutes with low airflow to dry up condensation that can cause mildew growth. The unit also runs quietly and smoothly so you can trust it will work without any noisy interruptions while it keeps your air clean and at just the right temperature.

Want exacting control? You can control the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 12k BTU 22 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System wirelessly with the included remote, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or an app from your Apple or Android device. Get custom performance from your ductless MrCool mini split system with the FOLLOW ME feature, an option for your maximum comfort that will track the air temperature around you as long as you keep the remote nearby.

12k BTU 22 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Condenser - 3rd Generation - DIY-12-HP-C-115B

MrCool HA20860

The only ductless air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. Mr Cool DIY 12k Ductless Mini Split heat pump even adjusts the temperature to the perfect degree wherever you are in your room.

A MRCOOL DIY Series heat pump is the only ductless mini split system on the market explicitly designed for amateur installation. You don't need special tools or training to install this high efficiency heat pump. The line set precharged with R410A refrigerant, the quick hook-up electrical connections, and the quality engineering mean just about anyone can install a MRCOOL DIY in their home with no problem at all in only a few short hours. If you want great air comfort without paying an arm and a leg for installation, you want an easy-to-use MRCOOL DIY Series ductless heat pump.

Unlike any other ductless heat pump on the market, the MRCOOL DIY series is specifically designed for easy installation. The MRCOOL DIY series uses a precharged refrigerant line, alleviating one major obstacle to amateur installation in a single stroke.

MRCOOL ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps are the cutting edge of what modern, flexible fabrication can produce. These air conditioners rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced design to deliver high efficiency air comfort anywhere you need it.

  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION A pre-charged R410 quick connect DIY lineset allows you to install this innovative ductless system without special tools, equipment, or training.
  • FOLLOW ME Personalized Performance for wherever you are in the room. Keep the remote close by, and MRCOOL DIY will track the air temperature around you to ensure you receive maximum comfort.
  • LOW AMBIENT COOLING Cool all the way down to 5°F. Maintain cooling even when the outside temperature reaches 5 degrees. This feature makes the MRCOOL DIY the ideal system for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year.
  • AUTO RESTART Never lift a finger after a power outage. The MRCOOL DIY auto restart will have the unit running again in no time at all.
  • GOLD FIN CONDENSER Live on the coast? Don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.
  • REMOTE APP WIFI CONTROL Control your DIY anywhere with your Apple or Android smart device and an internet connection.
  • TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION Our temperature compensation technology help keeps you comfortable in any weather conditions
  • LEAKAGE DETECTION When the MRCOOL DIY detects low coolant an alarm will sound to alert you to the problem. This will prevent damage to the compressor while you maintain high air comfort.
  • SLEEP MODE We made Sleep Mode easy to program to save money, and let you sleep a little easier.
  • LOUVER POSITION MEMORY The louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time the unit was turned on.

Warranty Terms

For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product as well as individual manufacturer requirements, please review the manufacturer's consumer brochure and/or product warranty documents.  Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty availability on scratch & dent and surplus items.

For additional warranty information, click here.


Model DIY-12-HP-115B25
UPC 810512033508
AHRI Number 204711122
Bundle Avg Coverage Area 500 - 600 Sq Ft
Bundle Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Bundle Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
EER 12.7
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10
Series DIY
Zones 1
Region Compatibility Nationwide
Popular Applications Game Room, Garage, Guest Room, Man Cave, Server Room, Sunroom
California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING

DIY-12-HP-C-115B Specifications:

Model DIY-12-HP-C-115B
UPC 810512033423
Avg Coverage Area 500 - 600 Sq Ft
Compressor Inverter
Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect
Liquid Line Size 1/4 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 20 amps
Primary Heating Capacity 10,001 - 15,000 BTU
Product Height (in) 21.81
Product Length (in) 13.11
Product Width (in) 31.5
Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
Series DIY
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 120
Warranty 5 Year Parts, 7 Year Compressor
Weight (lbs) 102.2900
Region Compatibility Nationwide

DIY-12-HP-WMAH-115B Specifications:

Model DIY-12-HP-WMAH-115B
UPC 810512033461
Air Flow Direction Horizontal
Configuration Wall Mounted
Blower Motor Variable Speed
Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect
Liquid Line Size 1/4 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 20 amps
Product Height (in) 11.69
Product Length (in) 7.44
Product Width (in) 31.57
Series DIY
Special Features WiFi Capable
Suction Line Size 1/2 inch
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 120
Warranty 5 Year Parts, 7 Year Compressor
Weight (lbs) 37.7000


Q & A

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Can the MrCool DIY be ordered with a shorter line set?
Can the 12k BTU DIY unit use a standard 110v circuit in a house for power?
What kind of electrical outlet does the DIY 3rd Gen use?
Is it just wires that you need to connect to an electrical whip and then to a standard 120v 3-prong outlet, but on it's own breaker? Or is it like a 30A RV type plug? Or is it not even a plug in thing and it has to be wired directly to an electrical box on the side of the house? I'm wanting to wire it to my enclosed trailer, so I can connect it easily to either my house, or to my generator, but not understanding what the plug requirements are? (I would have an electrician install, but don't understand what to tell them on what I need). Thank you.
what is lowest ambient temperature this will heat in? thx
I have an older house that has 60amp fuses in the breaker box. It is 120 V. I was wondering how much amperage these units would require?
WHAT else will I need to buy? a quick disconnect for electric? Line set cover what else?
I will be using this in a 350 sq ft. outbuilding is the 12k to big
Is it ok to run the line set in the attic so I can hang the air handler on a inner wall?
Are any Mr. COOL DYI ductless mini splits eligible for the FEDRAL INCOME TAX Energy Credits for 2020 install
Is the refrigerant in the line set or in the condenser? 25' is too long. I need about 10' +/- so will need to cut the line set. Can I do this?
Can a hvac man do it if I can't?
How do I order a 16’ line set for the 12k btu 22 seer McCool diy? And can I order it when I order the unit instead of the 25’ at the same price?
Can the indoor unit be installed with the line set coming off the back left side of the unit instead of the right side?
I understand that the 12k mr cool diy mini split has a shorter line set out now. Is this true and if so, how long is it and do you stock it? Thanks, David
After reading over the warranty, it appears to be protected, it must be installed by a licensed HVAC person? Is this correct? If so, why would I pay the extra cost for a DIY unit?
I want to add this to my wine cellar, would it work for those temps and humidity?

55 degrees
50-70% humidity

Is it possible to route the line set to the left side of the indoor unit instead of the right?
What do you do with excess line set length? Can it be coiled by the outside unit?
Is the wire for the electrical connection for the house included in this bundle for the DIY user?
According to what Ive seen on your site. I can elect to get a shorter 16 foot line set? Correct?
I am in the rough electrical stage of a room addition right now, and want to add another Mr. Cool to my inventory. I have 2 others and think they are great. I will, most likely, not be installing the unit until the late Fall, but want to purchase the unit now, to make sure that everything is "in order" when the framing and electrical is done. Since I will be installing the unit on an inside wall, I have the ideal location for the moisture drain. Any hints about running the drain line into a drain vent? When will my warranty begin, when I buy the unit, or when I finally do install it?
I do not want the WiFi feature, keeping it simple and I really do not think I will want it. Can I purchase the unit without?
Mr. Cool really does need to offer units with shorter line-sets for installations directly outside of the air handler. Coiling the extra line-set up behind the outside unit is unsightly & minimizes airflow. My only complaints.
Is this unit in stock?
Hi i am interested in the Mr Cool 12000btu mini split heat/air system. What electrical do i need for the sysetem? 220 or 110?
Is this unit compatible to a hard-wired thermostat?
How much Horse Power (HP) does this unit have?
Is it possible to get a longer line set then the 25' one ? Like 50' line set for the DIY 12k?
does the 115v system cool as well as the 230v
I have a 3rd Floor installation application. The ground elevation is too far for the outdoor unit to be installed. Is there a way to install the outdoor unit in the attic space with proper ventilation?
I need to route the lines out through the side of the unit rather than through the back. Given the configuration of my room and windows, I don't have enough ceiling clearance to route the lines outside near the top of the wall without angling the drain line upward. Is it ok to route the lines down toward the floor, inside the room, and then out through the wall near the floor? I understand that I'll need to cover the lines to be reasonably aesthetic.
when do you anticipate theMODELS: DIY-12-HP-C-115B, DIY-12-HP-WMAH-115Bbeing back in stock?
How can I tell which systems include a base pan heater?
How many watts or amps does the unit consume?
Hi I have ordered this system and i read the online installation manual and i just want to verify that it requires no. 10 AWG wire so i can run it before the unit gets here. thanks Dana
Can the air handler be mounted closer to the floor than the ceiling or is there a floor mount air handler?
How much clearance from the house does the outside unit require?
Mr Cool referred me to you telling me you sell a coupler that will connect their line-sets together to get a total longer length. Where do I find the one for the 12K DIY Mr Cool unit to connect two 25-ft line-sets together? Also, how many line-sets can you connect together to get longer length?

Thank you.
Can the wall mounted unit be installed in a window well used for a standard basement window? We currently have an AC unit installed in the window well and mounted in a wood frame to help seal out outside air. If so, could the piping coming out the back of the unit come up through the window well and tie in to the outdoor unit?
Can you get a longer line set if needed?
Hi! I'm looking at the 12k BTU MR Cool DIY mini split system and it looks like it comes with a 25ft pre-charged line set. The location I'm looking to install it would put the compressor just outside the wall so I dont need nearly that much length. Is this available in a shorter length? If not, what can I do with the unused cable length? Is it okay to just coil it up outside? Thanks!
The intended use for the unit is to heat and cool a studio in north Texas, 300 sq ft floor but vaulted ceilings to 12 ft. The studio is wired to the install site (outdoor) with Gauge 10 wire which can be either 120 or 240 (changes at panel and the box) on an designated circuit. I'm assuming the unit is a 120.?
Never having done AC work before, is this rated as difficult or simple install, somewhere inbetween?
What is the coldest temperature the heatpump will work well in?
I'm considering the 12K DIY Mr Cool system. Does this unit have a "Dry Mode" to control humidity with slower fan speeds? Thanks.
In the installation manual, the wall bracket install only requires 6 inches of clearance behind the condenser, whereas if the condenser is mounted on the ground, it requires 12 inches. Why the difference?
If I have some electronic equipment closer than the 1 Meter distance as given in the specs, what effect will the electronic equipment have on the WMAH? and what effect will the WMAH have on the electronic equipment? In other words, what interference can we expect from this unit and how does it manifest itself? i.e. static in the electronic equipment, and/or interference with the WMAH's electronic controls and or the remote unit?
Any ideas? Thanks. Also, what is the cost of a pump incase the water needs to be pumped out of the drain line?
how close to the ceiling can I go with the air handler and be good cause i'm going to need all I can get.
In the rare event it goes down to near/below zero in my area can a heating unit be added to my two DIY 12K units?
Where does it say the voltage needed? 115 05 220.
can i just get the copper coil protector separately if so where and at what cost/?
is there free shipping on this product? If not, how much to ship to 91501?

I was sent a proposal, but Jacob the sales rep, put on two products I don't need. When click through to my dashboard to edit proposal, it says the edit option is not available.

Can it be winterized during the winter? Or do you have to have a cover to protect it from the cold?
Could Item#HA20868 be ordered with the 16ft. Line set?(Mr. Cool 12Kbtu, 22 SEER DYI mini split bundle), I’m not shopping I’m looking to order thank you.
Where would this ship from? ETA on arrival to 85323 zip code? Is expedited shipping available? If so, at what cost?
installing unit on inside first floor wall. line set will run down wall into basement then to outside wall to condenser. drain line will terminate in house plumbing. can you offer any suggestions or pitfalls i may encounter.
Does a template come with the 12000 not a diy unit Hvac installed ?
I'm confused on exactly what has to be back ordered could you explain
What is the noise level of the indoor fan unit?
Is this unit 220V?
And another one. What is the size, thickness and strength of the concrete pad that is required to place the outdoor unit on? We do not have an available concrete pad to place the outdoor unit.

Thanks again!
which 1200 btu unit is more effisent 230 volt \115
can you also reference the appropriate line cover for exterior wall, and 6' power whip.... or should I get that at local hardware store?
What size are the electrical holes on the side of the condenser unit? Will they fit 1/2" or 3/4" Conduit connectors?
Can the refrigerant piping be longer than 25 feet? What determines the limits of the piping lengths? The distance from where we want to install the indoor unit may be at least 5 feet longer than 25 feet.
Does this mod ( Item: HA20868 ) come with everything that I need to install it and be up and running?
What DIY multi-zone heat pump configuration would be recommended for a home with two rooms needing service: the first room is 1095 square feet and the second is 500 square feet. The first room needs a 16 foot line set and the second room needs a 25 foot line set. Thanks!
Does the 12k model come with an optional ceiling flush mounted head unit??
What is the sound rating of the indoor unit?
What item(s) are not included for a standard installation? Thank you
What is the maximum total length supported for the lineset?
Do you have any data on DYI 12,000 BTU/H units re. overall system reliability in terms of percentage of units needing repair during first 1 to 10 years, or mean time to first failure?
What is the electrical requirement for the mr. cool 12,000 a.c. Amps, dedicated breaker,etc.? thank you
I'm going to install a MR COOPER unit in my garage (400 sq ft) it is insulated and finished inside. The ceiling is 10 ft. I was told to use an 18,000 btu. unit by a HVAC tech. what I read on your web page says a 12,000 btu unit will do the job. Which one should I get? I have pre-wired for the 18,000 btu unit for a 240 volt unit. Can I get the 12,000 btu unit in 240 volt or does it only come in 120 volt? Thank you for any information.
Any idea when this will be available?
Electrical whip and disconnect for:
12k BTU 22 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted

Can you tell me which exact models of these I need for this model of mini-split?
Also, are you still out of stock on the line covers?
can you help me put together a quote on a 12k btu 110 unit It must be completely DYI
Do they make a shorter line set?
Can i use this unit as a primary heating and cooling source in my home.
Does the MrCool DIY Gen3 have a breakout at the side or bottom of the indoor unit to allow for the piping to run down the interior wall and exit through a hole in the floor to the exterior unit? I am unable to cut a hole through the wall to direct the piping through the wall. So I need to run exposed along the interior wall and exit through a floor hole.
Do you sell any 12,000 btu 120v mini splits with heat pump If so please give details
can I get 10 foot line set
Will this heat at very low temperatures? I live in Massachusetts. I've bought heat pumps before to heat a condo and the HVAC installer afterwards told me "oh yeah these only heat in the shoulder months and don't work below freezing temperatures". What's the lowest outside temperature the unit will heat at?
What is the AHRI # on this product?
I need a multi units 5 units
I want to use this for a winter cabin, we shut the power off when not there and it can get as low as -5°F. Two questions, will it heat at all below 5° and also how does the condensate drain? Can it drain directly down so that there's no water to freeze if it's off and it gets cold ?
What is the length of the line set?
Do they units defrost when in heat mode? if so - do they need elevated? I had one that had frozen and broke the lower coil in the outside unit and the company that built that unit did not cover this as it was not elevated to prevent ice build up.
One more question. If I can mount the indoor unit in place of an AC unit in a window well, it will be mounted to a framed "wall" in place of the normal window, would I be able to drain the unit into the window well? I envision the AC hoses, electrical, and the water drain will be coming through a hole in the "wall" and that the drain hose could then be cut and allowed to drip into the window well. We live in a dry climate (Denver) and humidity is usually low. The bottom of the window well is about a foot below the bottom of the framed window opening. If this can be done, then I would save the cost of the pump in the outdoor unit. What is the cost of this pump, if it is found necessary to use it? Thanks for all your help!
My understanding is that you can connect multiple pre-charged line sets to the 12K DIY mini-split. What is the maximum length I can run those? Is 75' (three 25 ft. lines connected together) too long?
I would like to find out if you have any updates on when an item is scheduled to be restocked or made available. The specific item is listed below.

Model# DIY12-HP-115B25
I have a camp 17bye36 what size heat pump do I need
We are thinking about buying an oversized DIY unit for our basement studio. It is 480 SF, requiring only a 12K, 1 ton unit. The oversized unit would be a 24K, 2 ton Unit. If we install a either unit in our house, will we be able to remove it and re-install it in another house in the future, say 2-3 years hence? Also, can we retrofit a larger unit for dual zone use in the future, with a valve system and additional electrical connectors for a possible two room installation?

How long for delivery? Oakdale Ca. 95361
Hello, I need to cool/heat about 250 square feet and I am concerned the 9k will be too oversized for the space. Will this be still be able to heat and cool the size of this space?
is the 12000 btu unit available with a ceiling cassette?
How would the power draw increase if I add another Air Handler to another room? Would the usage double or only increase by about how much the handler would use?
how long are the blow unit lines? with the lines attached gives you an extra 2' (estimated) on top of the 25' lines?
How loud is it inside? Db
i have a 400 sf houseboat would this work? it has a bedroom, bathroom and living room / kitchen inone
Is it possible to get the unit with a shorter line set up? I don't need 25' of line and don't want excess line just hanging on the wall next to the unit.
Does the unit shut off when it reaches desired temperature?
Is the room temperature sensor in the remote control? Or in the air handler? Thanks
What is current availability for Mr Cool DIY 12k; ITEM: HA20868 ?
What is the sharpest bend one can make in the copper lines, in terms of radius of the bend and what tool would one use to bend the lines? We are looking at a finished Basement install. Also, can the WMAH unit be mounted on a wood frame and offset from a wall so that the Line Set can go straight up to a suspended ceiling, then curving to go over the concrete foundation and sole plate and exit the house above the foundation, rather than through a window opening?

Please advise. Thanks!
I live in boston, and plan to heat more than cool. Will I need to mount the outdoor unit on the ground or elevated off the ground? Your video of the defrost cycle seemed to imply that the unit should be above ground. Will the defrost water drain properly if the outdoor unit is on the ground?
I have a gas hydronic boiler, 78% efficient. Electric rates here are $.23/kWh. Would using the heat pump save any money?
Thank you!
Can a 2nd air handler be added to the condenser?
Can the line set be run through about 20’ of unfinished attic space to a finished room on the opposite side of the attic? The condenser can unfortunately not be placed on the side where the air handler would be.
Does this unit (12k BTU 22 SEER) come with the power cords and junction box to mount outside with the unit
My room is 600 sq ft. Is the 12k sufficient or do I need to move up to the 18k.
What does code P4 mean
How do you turn on the Anti-Mildew Function?
Why does my 12k diy mr cool unit cool down past set point when set on dry?
how many sq ft will the HA20868 do
Do you have any active discount codes?
What is the maximum height the evaporator can be above the outdoor condenser? Can it go 3 floors?
I am look to heat and cool 2 small ( 18x12 ) bedrroms located on the second floor and abut each other.
Any sugestions?
Does it matter how excess line set is stored? Can it be coiled vertically or do the coils need to lay flat?
Can you get a shorter pre charged line? I don't need 25' and would like not to have a lot rolled up permanently.
what amp load will the 110v and 230v pull, what size disconnect will have to mounted
Can you help me build a DIY kit with a 16' coolant line? What would the cost be compared to the unit with the 25' line? Thank you.
What kind of savings in utility costs can we expect? We currently are paying $.14 per kwh of electricity and averaging 800 kwh per month or 9600 kwh per year.
hi, is wall bracket, drain tube & electrical cable inbetween handler & condenser included
How many watts to start up air conditioning and normal waters used when cooling
Are the DIY units hard wired or do they plug to an outlet? Also does the air flow come from the bottom of the unit? What size unit is recommended for a 240 sq foot space.

Can I get a lower line set Don’t need 25’ line set.
Are 16' line sets available instead of 25'? I only need about 8' and 25 is way too long.
can this unit be mounted on a cement pad?
Does it matter if you use the 25' line instead of the 16' line if you only need to run the line about 6'? Even the 16' line would end up being coiled up, so does it matter how much is coiled up (does that impact the efficiency)?
is everything included to make this a 100% DIY because it says only a few things included in the description.
is this item 115v
Are you able to have a longer line set that comes pre-charged like the 25' set.

What is the current availability/ship date
Is 12/3 wire necessary or 12/2 for the 18k DIY unit?
If this unit is DIY, why does the warranty say it must be installed by a licensed contractor? Not really DIY if that's the case.
what is 3rd generation split a/c
What type of shipping expense will I incur to ship 12k BTU 22 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted from your factory to Clermont, FL 34711
Will you soon in the future offer the 12K heat pump DYI with the option of a 16’ line rather than the 25’ line. For me I only need about 10’. Thanks!
Can I order a longer line set? I need approximately 35'. Will have more accurate measurement before ordering.
Do you offer any Military discounts.