24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted

Item: HA20870
Models: DIY-24-HP-C-230B, DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B
Condition: New
Looking for an easy way to upgrade your home comfort situation? The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System is an easy choice for a homeowner looking to make updates on their own. This model has a 24,000 BTU capacity and can cool, heat, or dehumidify up to 1,000 square feet.

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24k BTU MrCool DIY Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler - 3rd Generation 24k BTU MrCool DIY Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler - 3rd Generation Item: HA20866 Model: DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B Qty: 1

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Looking for an easy way to upgrade your home comfort situation? The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System is an easy choice for a homeowner looking to make updates on their own. This model has a 24,000 BTU capacity and can cool, heat, or dehumidify up to 1,000 square feet.

You can install the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System without any special training, tools, or equipment thanks to the pre-charged Quick Connect line set - MrCool's cutting-edge technology. The line set is a vacuumless option and uses R-410A refrigerant. It is more eco-friendly and is chlorine free.

Plus, the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY mini split runs quietly with no unnecessary noise. You have the option to mute alerts on the indoor unit, so you can see alerts without an audible interruption. For example, this intelligent system will display an alert to let you know when your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System has a wide heating and cooling range and can cool when temperatures are above 100°F and heat in single digit winter weather. With MrCool, you can trust that you'll be comfortable year-round.

The outdoor condenser in this mini split system can be anchored to the ground or a concrete pad or be attached to a wall with a bracket. The compact unit is 37.21 inches wide, 31.9 inches tall, and 16.53 inches deep; meanwhile, the mounting dimensions are 26.5 inches wide by 15.87 inches deep. The indoor air handler is attached to your wall with a bracket, and it's filter can be easily removed for cleaning.

The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System also has an alarm to let you know when it is leaking or low on refrigerant and includes an anti-mildew function that will keep your unit dry, ensuring clean and fresh air in your home. This ductless mini split will automatically restart after a power outage, so you can rest assured that your HVAC unit will begin running smoothly as soon as power is restored.

The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY mini split can even save you money while you sleep. With the sleep mode function, the temperature will increase 2°F when cooling or decrease 2°F per hour for two hours. It will then operate at the new, more moderate temperature for six hours before returning to its normal operation. With this feature, you can sleep easy while reducing your power bill.

Other features included on the 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System are an auto mode that automatically determines when to heat or cool depending on a set temperature and a timer function so you can limit your energy use.

For homeowners with smart devices, you can manage your home's temperature wherever you are with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or an app on your Apple or Android device. The 3rd Generation MrCool DIY 24k BTU 20 SEER Ductless Heat Pump Mini Split System also includes a remote so you can manage your home's temperature at your convenience.

24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Condenser - 3rd Generation - DIY-24-HP-C-230B

MrCool HA20862

The only ductless air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. Mr Cool DIY 24k Ductless Mini Split heat pump even adjusts the temperature to the perfect degree wherever you are in your room.

A MRCOOL DIY Series heat pump is the only ductless mini split system on the market explicitly designed for amateur installation. You don't need special tools or training to install this high efficiency heat pump. A line set precharged with R410A refrigerant, the quick hook-up electrical connections, and the quality engineering mean just about anyone can install a MRCOOL DIY in their home with no problem at all in only a few short hours. If you want great air comfort without paying an arm and a leg for installation, you want an easy-to-use MRCOOL DIY Series ductless heat pump.

Unlike any other ductless heat pump on the market, the MRCOOL DIY series is specifically designed for easy installation. The MRCOOL DIY series uses a precharged refrigerant line, alleviating one major obstacle to amateur installation in a single stroke.

MRCOOL ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps are the cutting edge of what modern, flexible fabrication can produce. These air conditioners rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced design to deliver high efficiency air comfort anywhere you need it.

  • EASY DIY INSTALLATION A pre-charged R410 quick connect DIY lineset allows you to install this innovative ductless system without special tools, equipment, or training.
  • FOLLOW ME Personalized Performance for wherever you are in the room. Keep the remote close by, and MRCOOL DIY will track the air temperature around you to ensure you receive maximum comfort.
  • LOW AMBIENT COOLING Cool all the way down to 5°F. Maintain cooling even when the outside temperature reaches 5 degrees. This feature makes the MRCOOL DIY the ideal system for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year.
  • AUTO RESTART Never lift a finger after a power outage. The MRCOOL DIY auto restart will have the unit running again in no time at all.
  • GOLD FIN CONDENSER Live on the coast? Don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.
  • REMOTE APP WIFI CONTROL Control your DIY anywhere with your Apple or Android smart device and an internet connection.
  • TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION Our temperature compensation technology help keeps you comfortable in any weather conditions
  • LEAKAGE DETECTION When the MRCOOL DIY detects low coolant an alarm will sound to alert you to the problem. This will prevent damage to the compressor while you maintain high air comfort.
  • SLEEP MODE We made Sleep Mode easy to program to save money, and let you sleep a little easier.
  • LOUVER POSITION MEMORY The louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time the unit was turned on.

Warranty Terms

For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product as well as individual manufacturer requirements, please review the manufacturer's consumer brochure and/or product warranty documents.  Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty availability on scratch & dent and surplus items.

For additional warranty information, click here.


Model DIY-24-HP-230B25
UPC 810512033522
AHRI Number 204711124
Bundle Avg Coverage Area 1,000 - 1,200 Sq Ft
Bundle Cooling Capacity 2 Ton
Bundle Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
EER 12.5
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10
Series DIY
Zones 1
Region Compatibility Nationwide
Popular Applications Game Room, Garage, Guest Room, Man Cave, Server Room, Sunroom
California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING

DIY-24-HP-C-230B Specifications:

Model DIY-24-HP-C-230B
UPC 810512033447
Avg Coverage Area 1,000 - 1,200 Sq Ft
Compressor Inverter
Cooling Capacity 2 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect
Liquid Line Size 3/8 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 30 amps
Primary Heating Capacity 20,001 - 25,000 BTU
Product Height (in) 31.89
Product Length (in) 16.14
Product Width (in) 37.24
Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
Series DIY
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 5 Year Parts, 7 Year Compressor
Weight (lbs) 159.6100
Region Compatibility Nationwide

DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B Specifications:

Model DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B
UPC 810512033485
Air Flow Direction Horizontal
Configuration Wall Mounted
Blower Motor Variable Speed
Cooling Capacity 2 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect
Liquid Line Size 3/8 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 30 amps
Product Height (in) 13.19
Product Length (in) 8.9
Product Width (in) 42.52
Series DIY
Special Features WiFi Capable
Suction Line Size 5/8 inch
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 5 Year Parts, 7 Year Compressor
Weight (lbs) 54.6700


Q & A

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Can the MrCool DIY be ordered with a shorter line set?
What type of electrical outlet do I need
What circuit breaker do I need?
Does this unit require a neutral wire?
this 24k BTU how many sq ft will that heat & cool
What length Line set come with the diy units, an can the line set be routed out the right side of the indoor unit.
Does this unit have an electric backup for when the temperature drops so low that the heat pump loses efficiency? Looking to heat and cool a 30'x32' insulated garage in Western Iowa. Winter temps can be below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
couple of questions ,,,,, can a 2nd indoor unit be added in the future to this or is it only a single?? can this diy system be broken down for relocation by reverse disassembly,, meaning can i move and take it w me without loosing charge? im sure ill have more questions before i hit the pay button... so thankyou
What is the diameter of the line set lines, need t get brackets to hang them across my attic.
Can I run the pipes out the back of the unit and bend the down to run down the inside of my wall, (between the sheetrock inside and outside) then out at the bottom area of the outside wall?
Regarding wall mounting of the 24K condenser or (outdoor unit), are the mounting points at 16 inches? Being as the mount you show does not have a horizontal strut?
What size wire do I need, #10 or #12?
can this unit serve 3 bed rooms of 120 sq ft each on one line and opposite a living room of 450 sq. ft
the house has good windows and insulation

The install manual for the 24k model notes the following tools will be needed:

"1x crescent wrench, 19 mm
•1x crescent wrench, 22 mm/24mm
•1x crescent wrench, 24 mm/27mm".

I understand the refrigerant hoses have specific torque settings for tightening them. I have a standard torque wrench to which I'd like to add "crow's foot" open end wrenches so that I can use it to torque the hose fittings properly.

What sizes are needed for assembly using a torque wrench? I don't want to purchase more than I need.

Is it an issue if the air handler inside is below the unit outside? I.e. a basement?

Also, can the drain line run on the inside of the room to a drain instead of going out with the other lines towards the outdoor unit?
if you create an account is that 15% also taken away from the $1571.65 price, and how do you ship this item. Thanks Bill
What are the db levels for this unit compared to 12k BTU?
Where do I put in the gift code?
I would also like to order the line guard at the same time, I saw the video on the line-guard, but not a way to add to my cart. Can you help me with that? Thanks
Do you take Paypal and if you do, what is the term? 6 months or 12 months
Can this unit be pad mounted?
I see that the precharged lines are not copper tubes. What is the durability or life expectancy of these lines? I am needing to run the lines in internal walls and don't want to have to replace them in 5 years.
is this model 110volts ?
Can you order a shorter lineset or possibly get it with one? I've heard the multizones will be available in shorter lines sets?
Can repair or service parts be easily obtained for the Mr. Cool mini split products?
What disconnect box do I need with this particular model
I have a 2nd generation 24000 btu mini split that i am installing .i want to know if the condenser has a drain ? Do i just knock off the the piece that covers the round hole ?
I live in Portland, OR and today I visited a local DIY HVAC shop (Venje Sheet Metal) and though they were happy to sell me the complete DIY Daikin mini split system they did say that I would have to hire a tech who is EPA certified because that tech is the only one who can charge the system. Not only that but they said whoever charges the system assumes the responsibility for the 12 year product warranty. Hmmm. That does not sound like DIY to me. So, your systems are DIY, right? What about charging the system? Do your systems also require that I hire an EPA certified tech to charge your system? Thank you for your time.
can another wall mounted unit be added?
Does this unit run on a 220 or 110 outlet?
What size wire for this unit
The HA20870 comes with a 25' or 16' line set?
Thanks in advance
I live in Phoenix AZ, what size unit do you recommend for a 900 sq garage?
How long does shipping typically take? We are trying to figure out whether to ship it to our home address in Ohio or directly to our farm in Tennessee.
What size wire for a 2 ton
diy 24 hp c 230b25
What is the dBA (noise level) of the outside unit ?
Does the outside unit need to be bolted down to a concrete slab?
Is there any lose of efficiency by not uncoiling and using most of the 25ft, lines?
Why can wall mounted outside unit be 6in from wall and ground mounted have to be 12in from wall?
Can you coil the excess lineset vertically, or should it be done horizontally?
Can the line set be installed in wall rather than on the exterior?

Will extra length of line set coil to fit between 2x6 studs 2’OC?
I have roughly a 30 to 35 foot span for the line set. Is there a way to achieve this distance with your line sets?
Does the 16 ft lineset come pre attached to the inside unit? Or is it a separate lineset?
Do you have a floor model ?
Can the 24k unit have the line set exit to the right, left and left rear, even though the default is to exit the line set to the right rear?
I have the same question about the line exits on the 18k BTU Advantage Unit?
Do you have a stand to mount the condenser off the ground 12”?
Can I order mr cool mini split 24 btu with a 16 ft connecter?
Does this item (24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted) contain lineset? In one section it seems to indicate that it does, but not listed in the what’s included.
Couple of question.
Does unit copper tubing freeze in winter if I don’t use heater?
Can I buy unit with just ac?
If it crimp on me can I buy just tubing?
do you have any 24000 btu that has more than one port?
have a small cabin with 3 rooms and total SF is 1100 SF what DIY unit do you recommend? Can it just be one unit?
I live in Phoenix AZ and want to cool my 3 car garage 20 x 30ft. Since it is a garage with large doors I was thinking of a dual zone system. To provide more air flow. Does that sound feasible and what size unit would you suggest?
cost to run 24K btu mini split run heater and cooler?
Does this unit come with a remote?
Does the unit come with everything you need to install? I'm seeing 'additional items' with coupler set and a 25' line set. Just want to make sure the package includes everything I need to install.

I own part of the unit and I am looking for the heat pump my wall unit is Model: DIY-24HP-WMAH-230AE. The head unit was damage so I had to get rib of it. Can you please provide with part # of the heat pump that goes with this unit. Thank you
What is E1 fault on system
i am considering purchasing a Mr. Cool split unit. My building is 18x24 and the ceiling is vaulted from 8 feet to in the middle 12 feet. There is one room which is the bathroom and 6x9. i live about 30 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas. I have estimated the line set length to be about 18 feet. i have never done any HVAC work but i am pretty handy. I am concerned about the extra length on line set if I go with 25 feet. Can you custom order line sets? I think the 18000 would work but i am not opposed to getting 24000 if that is needed. thanks for the help
Is there a diy 24k mr cool unit with a ceiling cassette?
The installation instructions for the outdoor unit say it must be located "Protected from prolonged periods of direct sunlight or rain". Can it be in sun during the wintertime? I plan to mount near a south-facing wall with a 5' overhang that would provide shade in summer but would be exposed to sunlight in winter.
Hi there,
For ITEM: HA20870, it says backorder on the site and call for availability. Is there a time table when this will be available?
Thank you
Hi I'm looking at the Item HA20870 which includes MODELS: DIY-24-HP-C-230B, DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B, DIY25-3858. Do I just need a single 240V 25 amp breaker circuit for that? That would power the outside unit and then the inside wall unit would run from that using the integrated connections?
How much clearance from the wall does the condenser need?
If installing Air handler in a basement how does the drain hose pump the water up to exit the unit? Is there a drain pump in the unit?
Can I chance out from a 25 ft. line set to a 35ft. line set on purchasing the 24k but 20 seer dyi unit
What is the difference between these models: DIY-24-HP-C-230B, DIY-24-HP-WMAH-230B
Will it cool my 2 story 1100sqft Garage?
Main floor is 24 by 30 with 10ft walls along with a 13 by 30 bonus room 7.5ft tall slanted ceilings. Garage is Spray foamed ceiling and walls with zip r sheeting on the walls. Can I get away with one 24k unit at the top of the stairs? Going to be using a duct fan to circulate air through out.
My 24K 20 seer unit did not come with the 31/2" through the wall sleeve for the 16' line set.

I am looking at the 24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted system.
Could you advise me as to what size pad I would need for this model or would you recommend that it be mounted on the wall instead?


Gary Vincent
Can I get a 35' charged line set with this unit
What is the minimum temperature that this will produce heat?
DIY-24-HP-C-230B, If the unit losses refrigerant charge can it be evacuated and recharged using normal procedures and equipment or is a new line set required?
does this condenser unit have 2 ports for air handlerw
Can I run the pipes out of the side of the air handler unit (not the back side, but the left or right side) and go down the face of the wall and then out near the lower portion of the wall? for this model?
Before I found the Mr Cool units, I bought a #8 wire due to plans of buying another unit. I'm going with Mr Cool now. Can I use my #8 wire and if so, what breaker? Last question, my unit will be on the front of my house. Can I run the lines into attic space and out the side of my house? Or does the lines have to exit the building as soon as it leaves the wall unit?Thanks!
Can I run the line set inside the wall the air handler is mounted on and thru the crawl space to the condenser outside? It is a remodel and the walls are open. Thanks.
will this cool 900 sf with 12 ft ceilings
Can the drain line and the refrigeration line be ran horizontally for 15' or so?
What length Lineset comes with the diy units,an can the lineset be routed out the right side of the indoor unit
the unit im looking at comes with a 16 line set i only need may 12' now we canot cut this because of the pre charge correct?
Can this unit be ordered with a longer line set
We have a building with a flat roof below the flat roof is an open space then a TBar suspended ceiling. We are thinking about adding your 24,000 BTU unit as a back up on the wall below the suspended ceiling, in case our main 5 ton AC was to break down.

Other than the drain line is it ok to have the exterior unit on the flat roof above the units head? We understand about wind breaks etc. Is it ok to put the unit on the roof is there anything we should know or tips if we can do this? thanks in advance
What exactly is included as your web page does not have the information
What would the freight be to Hagerstown MD. This is a business and I will then take home as there not be someone there
What is the Running Load Amps on this unit? and the Locked Rotor Amps?
Hi I have a 24k mr cool can I run the ac in the winter I live in Michigan thanks
Does this until allow for adding an additional air handler (for another room?) or is this solely a single unit? Thank you
I live in Florida and wondering the time to receive the Mr Cool 24,000 Btu after ordering? What shipper do you normally use? What happens if any part is damaged in shipping? Thanks.
what if you need more than 25' - I estimate I need 40' from the wall unit down to a location i can place the condensor - thank you.
Can the MrCool DIY be ordered with a longer line?
are you limited to 25 ft or can extra lines be connected ?
Is there a maximum distance (vertical or horizontal) the Handler can be from the Condenser?
Is it possible to get a shorter refrigerant line? I only need about 10-12 feet.
Do you have the 24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted (ITEM: HA20870) in stock? I have tried ordering through the “big box” stores only to have shipping delayed for weeks to months.
Does this unit have the capability to hook in a second air handler?
I know nothing about heat pumps, what does it mean split system, can go in 2 rooms ? bought one of your units last spring works fine.
I already have a 30 amp breaker with 10gauge wire installed will this be ok to run unit?
What is the diameter and length of the pipe that comes with the unit, the one that goes through the wall and attaches to a flange?
Do I need to purchase additional items to install the unit or is it all supplied with
24KBTU 20 SEER McCool DIY Wall mounted
if my head unit placement is further than 50f can I use 2 lines? I need about 60f
Will this unit take a 3/4 inch whip, or only a 1/2 inch?
Can the compressor be located in attic space for upstairs room in 2 story house?
Is it necessary to run the line set thru the wall directly behind the unit or can you run the line set out the side of the unit and along the wall to another location to get the lines outside?
With this being a DIY install, do I have to have a licensed contractor to sign off to validate the warranty?
Just want to confirm that you have this unit in stock. Also curious about shipping, does it ship Fedex or UPS to my house or can I pick it up at a terminal. Battle Ground, IN 47920

What is the CFM for this unit?
How do you handle parts if they become defective? What is the process of getting it replaced?
How long does shipping take these days? I am ordering this and I need to line up someone to install it for me.
Does the 24,000 BTU DIY Mr. Cool Mini Split come with the items shown in picture above, i.e. line set, etc?
What would the shipping time be to 27052 for the 24k BTU 20 SEER MrCool DIY Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - Wall Mounted?
I am only interested in the cooling feature. Is there a unit that is just for that or do you have to order this type and just not use the heat feature?toni
You say in a answer to another question that the DIY unit loses efficiency when the temperature is low or winter, does the unit that an hvac pro(none DIY unit) has to hook up more efficient in lower temperatures like winter?
whats the required breaker amperage and wire guage needed for the 24k btu dit kit
WE have very limited wall space in our living area. Can the air handler of the Mr. Cool DIY ductless mini split be mounted a bit away from the wall, like spanning a corner, on a shelf bracket? Or can it be suspended a bit away from the wall from the ceiling?
What is the lowest temp it will heat? The only thing I found on it said single digits.
Can any of your units be placed in a basement, with the Wall Mounted Air Handler Unit placed several feet below the outdoor unit? If so, how would it drain water? Does the WMAH require it's own circuit for power?
Looking to buy a unit from you guys but I need to know what size. I have a office about 10 foot by ten foot that gets very hot because of the servers I have running in them. The central air condition for my house cannot keep up with the machine's heat and my room is typically. 80-85 which is not comfortable for me. I would like a recommendation for the unit to install for this space. I already use a standalone unit exhausting from window that is 10,000 BTU and it is not sufficent.
Do you have a unit for cold climate if so how cold outside will it still heat. Northern Maine.
When applying for rebates how do you find the AHRI reference number?
what size is the inside wall unit: width, and length?
Does this unit come with the line set and if so how long?
This is heating and cooling right
any veteran discounts ? or scratched unit
How long are the included lines from the base unit to the interior mounted part?
this 24 k d.i.y unit has a 25 ft line set can you leave it coiled up if not all is used?
What is the largest DIY system you have that runs on single phase electric and what amperage does it require
What size system is required for a 20 x 40 insulated garage w 9 ft ceiling
can the inside unit be mounted vertically
How would this unit perform , in a loft apartment 750sft great room with a 100sft closet and 100sft bathroom
Looking at diy 24k unit. I just bought a 12k unit but now have an account.. $1614 is the quoted price, but the site says a 15% discount for account holders. What is the bottom line?
Can a shorter line set be used and if so, what lengths do you have? That are pre charged.

Looking at the 24 BTU. 20 SEER.
How does the noise decibel level compare to more expensive non diy units
What is the current draw of the unit? I have a long run and want to calculate the voltage drop in the line. I an not asking about the circuit breaker size I want to know the actual current draw of the 24K BTU unit
How low a temp will the heater work in? Where I live, we get temps in the low teens. Will a heat pump make heat with this low an outside temp? I’m looking to install this in an detached garage that will be fully insulated. About 990 square feet. What unit would you recommend? Thanks in advance
What are the dimensions of the air handler I have 18” from ceiling to window moulding.
Hello ,

Is there a 2 zone MR cool unit DIY , pre charged system 24K unit that does not have a heat pump built into it ? If we didn't need the heating for our home ? Thank you