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Many homes rely on electric heat to stay comfortable through cold weather. This arrangement works fine until the power goes out in a bad winter storm. When that happens, a portable fuel heater may be the only way to stay safe until the power lines are repaired. Emergencies aside, fuel heaters are a good tool to warm up temporary job sites or a detached garage you need to use for holiday activities.

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About Fuel Space Heaters

As the temperature begins to dip, more homeowners are beginning to wipe the dust from their electric furnaces or boilers to stay comfortable through the cold weather. But as outdoor conditions become chillier and wetter, sometimes the best solution for heating up a room is with a space heater versus turning up your thermostat higher and higher to compete with those frigid outdoor conditions.

There is a variety of different heating systems that boast innovative, convenient features and capabilities, but for a simple solution to create dependable and effective heat, natural gas or propane fuel space heaters are the way to go.

Powered by liquid propane or natural gas, fuel space heaters can be used when an unexpected, harsh winter storm knocks out the power grid — providing safe heating until the power lines are restored.

Whether you’re warming up an outdoor work-site, finishing chores in the garage, or stocking your emergency kit, fuel space heaters are the perfect tool for keeping warm and toasty when you need it most.

How Is a Fuel Space Heater Different Than an Electric Heater?

Both electric and fuel portable space heaters work by heating up the surrounding air using a fuel source — either electricity, natural gas, or liquid propane.

The hot air produced by the heater rises towards the ceiling. This pushes cold air towards the floor, where it is drawn into the heater and re-renters the convection loop. While electric space heaters require an electrical source to work, fuel space heaters use gas or propane to operate, making them an ideal tool during emergency situations and power outages.

What Are the Best Things to Know Before Buying Portable Fuel Space Heaters?

When a long and cold winter comes around, you want to make sure you have a reliable and effective heating system in place to keep you and your family cozy and comfortable.

But last time you turned on your central heating system, did it feel like it just wasn’t blowing warm enough air, causing the outdoor chill to settle in your bones? Portable fuel space heaters are a great tool for adding extra warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces, especially in rooms that don’t receive much heating, like garages, workshops, and basements.

If you’re on the fence about buying a portable indoor propane heater, consider these benefits:

  • Gas heaters are often 50 percent less expensive to operate than electric heaters.
  • Because they don’t have to be connected to an electric power source, fuel space heaters are more convenient and versatile.
  • By using liquid propane or natural gas, fuel space heaters can safely and dependably function during power outages.
  • Gas heaters can reach maximum heat output quickly compared to electric models.

Is Using a Propane Heater Indoors Safe?

While gas and propane space heaters can be used in well-ventilated indoor rooms, it’s not advised to set these heaters up inside because they produce hazardous combustion gases from burning fuel. By producing a flame to heat the surrounding air, there’s also an increased potential for fire hazards as well as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fuel space heaters are best used in screened-in porches, some tents, detached garages, new construction homes, or other open outdoor spaces with plenty of airflow.

Check Out our Wide Selection of Portable Fuel Space Heaters

When temperatures in your area drop, make sure to keep a fuel space heater handy for extreme events or emergency situations. When you shop with us for all of your space heater needs, you’ll enjoy competitive prices, free shipping, and ongoing customer support. Browse our selection of fuel space heaters today to find a model that best fits your household's needs.

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