1.8 lb R410a Refrigerent Refill Kit with Gauge

Item: HA12152
Model: 411078
Condition: New

1.8 lb R410a Refrigerent Refill Kit with Gauge Zoom

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Model 411078
Weight (lbs) 2.0000
California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING


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Will this fit a mr cool universal heat pump condenser?
A previous owner installed taps on the Coleman Mach. I think it leaked and now needs another recharge. What else do I need to accomplish both?
does it come with a 1/4 low side port adapter?
The instructions say "never attempt to recharge while in heat pump mode." I'm confused because I was going to use this in a McQuay water-based heat pump that uses R410A. Does that mean it can't be used for a heat pump or is it revering to whether it should be used when heat pump is cooling not heating?
Will it fit a mini-split A/C system?
Ok every time I hook up the line with gauge to can of freon the gauge ups up to over 200 lbs pressure and will not go down after hooking to mini split
Can I order the refill cylinder only? I have the gage kit, just need another 1.8lb R410A
Does the adaptor line with the gauge need to be purged prior to recharging the system to not introduce air? If so, how is this accomplished?
Do you ship to Hawaii?
I am refilling my RV A/C, which uses 27oz of R410a. I am installing a valve into the line to be able to recharge the refrigerant. What size valve will the hose that comes with this connect to? The valve I am installing looks to be 3/8" fine thread.
Do you have this kit with sealant?

I have a Fujitsu Halcyon AOU18CL inverter. Will the R410A refill kit work for this unit? I'm getting a low cooling and believe it is due to low gas level.

Appreciate your advice.
I messed up installing my pioneer 9000 btu got air in system now I have to recover old refrigerant evac system my question is do I still put unit in cool mode with no refrigerant in it or do I put some charge in than start unit?
Can I use this product to top off geo cool geothermal unit.
Does this come with instructions? All the Youtube videos make it look really complex with two gauges and temperature readings with deltas. I don't see how I can do that with this kit, so was hoping you include simpler instructions. Thanks!
How much per pound does heat pump gas cost?