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Our full systems come with most everything you need to get your next home heating and cooling system up and running. But everything you need isn't necessarily everything you want. Browse our accessories section to find thermostats, linesets, filters, and more. These are the bits and pieces that will turn your unit from good to great.

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  1. 38-x-34-mrcool-quick-connect-pre-charged-line-set-for-universal-split-system-ha20948-01.3548
    3/8" x 3/4" MrCool Quick Connect Pre-Charged Line Set for Universal Split System
  2. line-set-kit-for-9k-btu-mrcool-ductless-split-system-ha11923-01.3548
    Line Set Kit for 9k BTU MrCool Ductless Split System
  3. line-set-kit-for-12k-18k-btu-mrcool-ductless-split-system-ha11924-01.3548
    Line Set Kit for 12k & 18k BTU MrCool Ductless Split System
  4. 38-x-34-goodman-central-split-system-line-set-ha12083-01.3548
    3/8" x 3/4" Goodman Central Split System Line Set
  5. line-set-kit-for-22k-to-24k-btu-mrcool-ductless-split-system-ha11925-01.3548
    Line Set Kit for 22k to 24k BTU MrCool Ductless Split System
  6. 38-x-34-mrcool-central-split-system-line-set-ha12086-01.3548
    3/8" x 3/4" MrCool Central Split System Line Set
  7. 38-x-78-goodman-central-split-system-line-set-ha12084-01.3548
    3/8" x 7/8" Goodman Central Split System Line Set
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