2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER Variable Speed MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System - Upflow/Horizontal

Item: HA20919
Models: MDUO18024036, MDUI18024036
Condition: New
The 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System is the innovative heating and cooling tool you need to stay warm in winter, cool in summer, and energy efficient every day of the year. Unlike other conventional heat pump split systems, the Universal relies on a DC inverter compressor to modulate performance based on fluctuating demand. It can scale capacity up as necessary or reduce it in mild weather. It can save you time, money, and, over the long term, a lot of headache.

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2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser Item: HA20428 Model: MDUO18024036 Qty: 1

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This Bundle Includes

2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser Item: HA20428 Model: MDUO18024036 Qty: 1


The 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System is the innovative heating and cooling tool you need to stay warm in winter, cool in summer, and energy efficient every day of the year. Unlike other conventional heat pump split systems, the Universal relies on a DC inverter compressor to modulate performance based on fluctuating demand. It can scale capacity up as necessary or reduce it in mild weather. It can save you time, money, and, over the long term, a lot of headache.

MrCool Universal Heat Pump Continues to Heat in Temperatures As Low As -22

So what is it that makes the 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System so very special? As we mentioned, the key is the sophisticated DC inverter compressor and intelligent internal control system. The ability to operate at reduced capacity for long periods saves serious money. Likewise, the ability to scale up performance as the outside temperature fluctuates delivers significant versatility. That's why the Universal can deliver 100% cooling capacity at temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, 80% heating performance at minus 4 degrees, and continue producing heat down to minus 22.

Serious performance capability isn't the only thing the 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System comes with. The condenser features an auto-reset internal overload protector, direct drive fan motor, inner groove copper tube-aluminum fin, gold fin corrosion protection, automatic defrost, electronic expansion valve, and a condenser with both a compact footprint and a shallow profile. The air handler comes with electric box assembly, fan motor, secondary drain pan, primary drain pan, and the capacity to accommodate an auxiliary heat kit.

No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set Compatible!

MrCool Quick Connect Line Set

One of the most exciting aspects of the 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System is the MrCool No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set. This unique line is kink resistant, precharged with R410a refrigerant, and uses Quick Connect fittings. These specialized fittings mean that installing the Universal Split System with a No-Vac Quick Connect Line Set can be performed without specialized tools. Basically, the No-Vac lines simply plug into the condenser and air handler. No cutting, no brazing, no vacuuming, and no charging is required. It reduces hours of installation work down to minutes.

Purchase the MrCool Universal Quick Connect Line Set Here

The 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Split System is, of course, provided with serious warranty protection from the manufacturer. Homeowners who properly register the Universal within 60 days of installation instantly receive a 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty. When you buy from Ingrams you also get our knowledgeable tech support for any of your needs before, during, and after the product is installed. Order now!

MrCool Universal Heat Pump Replaces Need for Gas Furnace

2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser - MDUO18024036

MrCool HA20428

The 2 to 3 Ton 20 SEER MrCool Universal Central Heat Pump Condenser is a cutting edge HVAC technology from an innovation leader. The sophisticated tech inside this unit both regulates the temperature of your home and controls the compressor motor speed simultaneously. It eliminates extreme fluctuations in the operating load and extends the unit’s life.

  • 2 Ton Mode: 20 SEER, 3 Ton Mode: 18 SEER
  • Ultra Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Gas Furnace Not Required
  • Compatible with any third party air handler and thermostat including WiFi/Nest/Honeywell
  • Rapid cooling and heating
  • Internal Fan Blade Creates Low Noise
  • Factory Charged R410
  • ETL and AHRI certified

2 to 3 Ton Variable Speed MrCool Universal Air Handler - MDUI18024036

MrCool HA20901

The 2 to 3 Ton Variable Speed MrCool Universal Air Handler is designed for maximum compatibility with the MrCool Universal 2 to 3 Ton Condenser. Properly paired, this air handler can deliver superior home comfort performance in summer, winter, and every season in between. It is ideal for homeowners who want to boost operating efficiency while reducing their dependence on increasingly expensive resources like heating oil. Plus, it is both a quiet and safe solution.

  • 2 Ton Mode: 20 SEER, 3 Ton Mode: 18 SEER
  • Ultra Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Quick Connect, Flared, & Sweat fittings allow for universal installation
  • Multi-positional installation (compatible with upflow and horizontal applications)
  • Accommodates up to a 10kW Backup Heat Strip
  • Factory Charged R410
  • ETL and AHRI certified

Warranty Terms

For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product as well as individual manufacturer requirements, please review the manufacturer's consumer brochure and/or product warranty documents.  Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty availability on scratch & dent and surplus items.

For additional warranty information, click here.


Model MDU18024036
UPC 810035931107
AHRI Number 205572573
Bundle Avg Coverage Area 1,250 - 1,500 Sq Ft
Bundle Cooling Capacity 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton
Bundle Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
EER 12.5
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10.5
Series Universal
Region Compatibility Nationwide
California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING

MDUO18024036 Specifications:

Model MDUO18024036
UPC 810512032921
Avg Coverage Area 1,000 - 1,500 Sq Ft
Compressor Inverter
Cooling Capacity 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 10.5
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect, Flared, or Sweat
Liquid Line Size 3/8 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 40 amps
Primary Heating Capacity 24,000 - 36,000 BTU
Product Height (in) 32.3
Product Length (in) 18
Product Width (in) 37
Refrigerant R-410a
Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
Series Universal
Suction Line Size 3/4 inch
System Application Type Central Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 10 Year Parts
Weight (lbs) 236.0000
Region Compatibility Nationwide

MDUI18024036 Specifications:

Model MDUI18024036
UPC 810512032983
Air Flow Direction Horizontal, Upflow
Configuration Floor Mounted
Blower Motor Variable Speed
Cooling Capacity 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton, 3 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Heat Strip Compatibility Up to 10 kW
Line Set Connection Type Quick Connect, Flared, or Sweat
Liquid Line Size 3/8 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 15 amps
Product Height (in) 48.25
Product Length (in) 21.3
Product Width (in) 21.3
Series Universal
Suction Line Size 3/4 inch
System Application Type Central Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 10 Year Parts
Weight (lbs) 156.5000


Q & A

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Is it all filled with refrigerant indoor, outdoor and line set? Do I still need a tech to install it?
I see it says 2 to 3 ton. Which is it?
Do you offer a down flow air handler that uses the no vac line set for use with the heat pump condenser model MDUO18024036?
Outdoor installation manual on page 25 - Electrical connection, is stated: Breaker = 29 Amps and Fuse size=50 Amps.
What should be my "circuit breaker" ? 30 amps or 50 amps?

Indoor installation manual on page 17 is stated : Max Over current protector=15 Amps , is that means my Circuit breaker should be 15 Amps ?

Thank you.
Hi! This is the wave of the future right here. Do you anticipate a 5-ton offering as well? If so, any idea when? Thanks!
Can you recommend any downflow air handlers that are sized appropriately for the MDUO18024036 condenser? Do you know if the manufacturer has plans to release an air handler of their own that will work for downflow applications?

What type of scenario/condition would require this unit to have a heat strip? I see them touting it working at sub zero temperatures but cannot find any info about when heat strips are needed or used. Thanks!
When you say the condenser is non-communicating what do you mean? According to manual on page 20 it shows R/C going to thermostat as power supply? Will this not cause issues if the air handler is also pushing power supply to thermostat for R and C? Also the condenser shows W1 is heat control signal as it is communications defrost mode?

Second question - you answered in QA that 3 ton unit has a CFM1000? Shouldn't a 3 ton unit have a minimum CFM 1200 and on most heat pumps run around 1350?
How well would this unit cool in central forida?
Install looks simple enough, but i've not seen such a small condenser on a three ton.
How is the main blower cabinet plumed into to replace an existing system? In other words, what size return air box is needed?

Or can the cabinet take right-angle return air?
How many CFM's is the air handler at the 2ton setting? How many CFMs at the 3 ton setting?
How big a home will this heat in the Northeast? I have a 30 year old two story, 1350 square foot, townhouse originally built with and ducted with a single zone, outdoor heat pump with indoor air handler. Is a two speed air handler available also?
Is the blower a multi speed x-13 style motor or is it a true variable speed motor that modulates with the load demand?
Do these units use an electronic TXV valve?
i am looking for a 3 ton unit ,after all is this unit 3 ton?
and i want a really quiet unit , how loud is the noise of this unit?
is this system available in down flow configuration?
How do you choose between 2 or 3 ton when current system is 2.5?
Is the MrCool Universal Flare to Sweat Lineset Installation Kit, P/N: HA20952, required for a traditional brazed Lineset Installation?
I plan to buy 2 of these packages so that I can zone my upstairs and my downstairs separately. Both my upstairs and my downstairs are about 1000 square feet each and I live in North PA (zone 4). Is the 2 ton setting better for each system or the 3 ton?
Can a propane furnace be added to this unit ?
Is the "oil return bend" shown on P 15 of the condenser manual required for the now vac quick connect linesets?
i have air handler unit for a/c in my attic,,,and electric heat...,I want to get rid of the electric heat,,and install something with my ac unit
since i have all the duct work for all the rooms,,,
can mr cool unit,,,work on my house for ac and provide heat?????
thks , john
Is this unit available with a down flow air handler?
1. I am replacing an old 80k furnace with this air handler. Existing supply and return ducting is 14" flexible - is this adequate for the cfm of this unit, especially in cooling mode?

2. I would like to zone the system (two zones) without using a bypass damper (relying on the variable speed motor to adjust the air volume). Do you sell a zone panel/motorized dampers/thermostats that would accomplish this? Please advise what I need for a two zone system (each zone is approximately 700 sq. ft.)

3. Is there a knock down plenum you sell for this air handler installed in upflow/vertical configuration?

The installation instructions for the air handler state that if the air handler is used in a horizontal configuration that the height between the air handler and the ground is above 8 feet. My existing unit is in a crawl space and there is only about three feet of space. Why is the eight feet needed for this unit?

I was wondering why the outdoor unit needs such a large breaker? I currently have a 2-ton unit (very old) that is properly wired with a 30amp circuit, why does this require such a large circuit? Is it not the soft-start DC inverter style compressor that most mini-splits use? Also what is the maximum pre-charged line length available? thanks.
How large is the opening that blows the supply air? We are planning a retrofit and have a 24" x 24" ductboard plenum and want to figure out how to attach this to that.
How does this variable speed operation compare to the Mitsubishi and Daikin VRF/VRV features? Can it shift between 2 and 3 ton capacity as needed?
what tonnage heatpump for a 2850qf home ( GOODMAN )
Have they come out with a 5ton unit my house has 2700 square feet in it . the good an 3ton worked great for 11 years .will mr cool do as good a job for less money sense it' has a dual stage compressor and seer 20
is this unit rated for mounting in an attic?
Does it come with a lineset also with that price 2859
can you use a nest thermostat with this?
Does the indoor unit need a separate 240v circuit or is it connected to the outdoor units 240v circuit?
The Mr. Cool website mentions a Universal® Thermostat to accompany this setup. Has the Universal® Thermostat been released yet?

Finally got this system installed, works great, and it is very quiet.
Can it add a heat strip /coil and made more heat?
What is the coldest any of your units can handle? I live in northern Minnesota, it can get nearly 60 below wind chill here some winters. I am looking for a whole house application and also a garage application.

The 2 1/2-ton and 3-ton units both are 18 SEER? How does this work? Are the prices the same? How much and how long it'll take to ship to PA 19460 area?

Thank you.

can the condenser be placed inside a closet against an exterior wall with a vent through the wall?
Is it possible to add a soft start to this? I am looking to put this on a houseboat with only 60amps available.
Kyle Davis seems good at responding and hoped he could answer some questions:

They are non communicating units (indoor/outdoor) correct? I am assuming the condenser is monitoring temps and the indoor, minimally, calls for heat/cool via some method?

Wondering how this process works in shoulder seasons - with perhaps heating overnight then some cooling late afternoon?

Also, it appears that the airhandler is just soft start and not truly variable CFM (other than the 2/3 ton switch which I assume needs to match on the condenser as well?)

Can this unit be utilized with existing gas furnace?
As in no heat functionality?
Do I need to have 220 Volts in the attic for the attic HVAC unit, my current system uses 110volts.?
Thank you
I have a gas fireplace in the den could I still use it if I wanted to on occasion that is the only gas it uses a 100 lb cylinder
How can this qualify for a tax credit since it does not have an Energy Star rating nor is it listed at energystar.gov website?
I live in Vermont (Zip -05452) and want to replace existing hot air furnace in my 40 year old 1500 sqft home addition and use existing duct work.

Can I use the MR Cool universal Central heat pump under a new gas up flow furnace? does Mr Cool have a DYI evap. coil?

I have 1650 square foot home , can this 3 ton unit efficiently cool this home , located in florida , with new hurricane energy efficient windows and R30 attic insulation , this is a concrete block home with insulated walls
If I have a two zone duct system with power dampers, will the air handler and compressor ramp up or down to meet the cooling/heating needs? What determines the speed of the air handler and the stage of the compressor?
What is the cost of i 3 ton nstallation? What is the SEER rating?
What round flex air intake size is needed for 2 ton and 3 ton operation?
What is the largest kw heat strip available for the MR. Cool universal 2 to 3 ton heat pump?
are they units MicroChannel or traditional tube and fin?
what length of charged lines come with the Mr Cool universal system. Are you able to get longer lines if needed. I see Mr Cool makes them up to 50 feet. thx
Where is the charging chart? If A coil, condenser and your pre charged line set are all charged. We need to know what amount of charge that is need if you do not get a precharged line set?
Can this air handler(MDUI18024036) be installed on it's side?
For the 3 ton model, what is the maximum recommended quick-connect line set length? My preferred ACCU location may require a distance over around 80 feet and was considering a 50+35 with coupler setup.
If I purchase a 35' No-Vac line and it is too short, is it returnable for a 50' line?
Do you have this item in stock? How long it takes to ship?
I live in OR ware temps rare get bellow freezing could I use the heat pump and mr cool air handler with out heat strips and my current air handler has return air duct on bottom of unit can I mount this system like that also
What are the dimensions of the air handler? And does the duck work exit at the top of the unit or the back or is there an option for either? I'm looking at this setup I would guess the up-flow answers the duck work exit.
Can this condenser be mounted using a wall mount?
Do you have an installation manual for the MDUI18024036? I found the manual for the condenser but not for the air handler. Also I would like to see a full wiring schematic from the thermostat to both units. Thanks
The question was asked about the AHU needing to be 8' above ground level because they wanted to install in crawlspace. The answer was if coil is even with or below level of condenser then an oil control bend is needed. So please confirm this can be installed in a crawlspace with ahu below grade with the oil control bend and can this be done with the precharged flexible line sets? The detail in the installation booklet is very vague in this instance for precharged line sets. Is there a better detail?
Does this unit will run on a 10K Generator? can see in the electrical specification the starting amps.
Have read in description that the heat pump is compatible with other units. But reading further the only examples given are thermostats. Is the heat pump compatible with a Trane air handler and auxiliary heat strip. &
Did I read that to get the 10 year warranty the unit had to be installed by a licensed HVAC installer.
does the central split does it has to go standing up or could it go laying down i would like to put in attioc
What amp breaker and wire is recommended for being ran to the air handler when using the 8kw heat strips?
can I get a standard line set for the Mr Cool MDU18036. I prefer not to buy the precharged one they suggest on your web site
Does this unit have to be hooked up to a complete set of duct work both return and supply?
Does this unit come ready to heat out of the box or do you have to purchase an additional heating element?
Installation requires re-use of original copper lines. Does the Mr. Cool Universal system require the liquid line be insulated?
Do you have a wall mounting bracket that can be used on wood framing to support the outdoor unit?
If the air handler is installed with an electric heat kit, how does the air handler know when to turn on the electric heat strip?

Example situation: -15 F degrees outside for 24 hours or more. Heat pump has been running for 30 minutes, but temperature set point is not achieved (leaving air temperature from the air handler is not high enough) => air handler will turn on the electric heat strip.

My example is based on how long the heat pump has been running and the air handler leaving air temperature. Are those data points what are used by the air handler for it to decide when to turn on the electric heat strip?
at what temp does the heat pump stop working
I may have a licensed contractor to install. I need to get ordered but not sure if we need the line set. Can I order the line set and we don't use it can we return for full credit? I have to pull a permit in Florida so best to have it if it's required.
Why would one elect to choose a "conventional" installation instead of using the pre-charged lines?
I am installing a ITEM: HA20919 MODELS: MDUO18024036, MDUI18024036 in Orlando Florida and have no plans to install heat strips.The max breaker for the condenser is 20 amps but what is the air handler breaker without heat strips.
on mr cools site they show a 10kw backup heat do you sell that one also. I have a rudd 3 ton with a 14kw back up

Where can I find the single family residential warranty for these units?
Can I run this on a 5kw inverter that can surge to 10kw? I am off grid.
Wall mounting condenser, instructions don't say rear or ground clearance required. Can you help me with that?
Do the pre charged lines come with this unit or are the sold separate? Thanks, Jerry
Can i install this with my existing heating and cooling system duct work
This looks like a similar compressor that the mini-split systems use. I have two air handlers, one for each floor of my house. Can I buy the larger two fan compressor that you guys sell and run two air handlers off of it? Thanks
I have a finished basement 1200sq ft main floor 1200sq ft top level 700sq ft. I have a furnace with no heat pump. Would like to know if this system would work if installed at old furnace location with added out door unit?
Is the drain pan UV light resistant? Safe to add a UV light to the system after install?
How long is the shipping to 33774
We are looking at this system for an addition of about 700 sq ft, a hallway 2 bedrooms and a large bathroom. Is this the right size unit? What kind of ducting will we need to run?
Can this unit be used in a light commercial application? I am looking to mount the condensing units in a screened area on the roof of a building with the air handling units located 10-35 ft. below the condenser.

What is the minimum CFM for the 2, 3, 4, and 5 units?
Live in Ocala Fl extremely hot humid in summer but will get down in the high 20's at night in the winter. Would this unit suffice for 1562 sq foot house without a heat strip? R30 attic
Does this bundle come with the precharged lineset? Thank you
I have both supply and return in the crawl space below the floor and currently it is set up for downflow with the return making two 90 degree turns and supply making one 90 degree turn. I can rework the ducts to make use of this upflow air handler and the whole DIY system. It will require that the supply makes three 90 degree turns and the return one 90 degree turn. Would this be a solution, or would it overload the fan with the too many duct turns?
I live in Iowa (Zone 5) and currently have 3 tons cooling and 75K heating from gas furnace. 2 story home aprox 1900 sq ft not including basement. It seems this unit would provide adequate cooling but not enough heat. I reall want to be able to heat my entire home via heat pump and not use heat strips or gas furnace. What other options would I have?
Is the changeover valve in a MrCool Universal system energized in the heat or cool mode?
I am wanting to replace an aging propane furnace that is in my garage, Can I simply remove the old furnace and replace with this. Will this hook up to my ducting? And, how many square feet home will this service?
Trying to plan out a replacement system for a propane furnace. I am buying a new air cleaner, too. Would a 20x20 work? Also, what is the maximum CFM of the air handler?
does the item # HA20919 switch itself from 2 to 3 tons with a 2 stage cool thermostat, or do you need to it manually at the dip switch?
What size a mr cool unit would I need for 2200 square feet house
Wondering about the DiY hookup kits ... what are my length options and was extra cost would be involved? What the shipping time? I'd need it in 2 weeks.
I currently have a 5 ton Rheem 410A condenser outside with a matching 5 ton air handler in the garage with a 5K heat strip. I would like to replace the outside condenser unit with a 5 ton MR Cool Heat pump as shown in the video that heats at -24 deg. F. I live in central Florida on the east coast near Cocoa Beach but 5 miles inland form the ocean so the salt air won't degrade the condenser coils as living closer to the beach would have done. It seems my reversing valve isn't working well, and instead of spending up to $1000 on its replacement I would rather invest that money into a new unit, unless you also sell reversing valves reasonably (and is it really hard to replace it myself? Would I need to vacuum the lines? ). I like the precharged lines but would have a very hard time pulling out the old lines and would like to utilize them instead. Is that possible? I know I would have to vacuum out the lines and shut off the valve at the compressor side to retain the 410A Freon. I also have spare 410A also, in case I need to put in extra after everything is brazed together. AS long as the compressor comes precharged I believe I'll do well.

Does the Universal MR. Cool come in a 5 ton? What is the SEER ratings for it and the prices? Does it use a Reversing Valve? I didn't see it in the pictures provided for the 4-5 Ton unit.

By the way I was very impressed with the video and the performance of the Heat Pump at such low temperatures. Great job on the design of the system even without the heat strip in the Air Handler.

Thanks for your efforts in a speedy reply and Merry Christmas to all of you. I love how you help the home owner with the DIY approach.
Hi if the air handler coil is 3-4 feet below the condenser and am using the recharged line set do I need an oil drop

I'm intending to buy a McCool Universal 2-3 ton; I have some questions:
1)Can I use my existing thermostat with - McCool Universal /or buy new one
2) Does it come with the remote control
3) I need to buy Quick Connect Precharged lines set (25ft I've already measure from Air Handler unit (inside) to Condenser (outside) in my case.

Does the air handler fan stop during defrost on a MrCool Universal unit that does not have a heat strip installed?
Is there a slot for a filter on the inlet. Size 20" square x 1"?
Does the 3 ton system have heating coils?
Can air handler be mounted on its side for attic application
I have a 3 ton condenser unit but a 3.5 ton evap condenser why is that and which size do i get?
can this air handler fit in closet? Mr cool2 to 3 ton variable speed universal air handler Model MDUI18024036