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12k BTU 19 SEER MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - 230v

Item: HA18428
Models: A-12-HP-C-230B, A-12-HP-WMAH-230B
Condition: New
Enjoy the simplicities and features of the 12k BTU 19 SEER 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump Split System. This single-zone ductless mini split is ideal for rooms up to 750 square feet. It comes with an outdoor condenser, wall mounted indoor air handler, 16 ft. of refrigerant lines, control wire, 6 ft. of drain hose and a wireless remote control.

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Enjoy the simplicities and features of the 12k BTU 19 SEER 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump Split System. This single-zone ductless mini split is ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet. It comes with an outdoor condenser, wall mounted indoor air handler, 16 ft. of refrigerant lines, control wire, 6 ft. of drain hose and a wireless remote control.

Looking for a system that can cool during extremes? This 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage ductless mini split can continue cooling during temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit making it a great option for greenhouses and server rooms. Plus, it comes with MrCool top features including the ability to link to your smartphone for easy control of your indoor unit. At the touch of a button, you can change the settings to one of many options offered by the MrCool Advantage mini split including the ability to easily change between heating and cooling modes.

Even better, the 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage ductless mini split comes with advanced features. You can connect this unit to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assist voice service smart technology to change settings with the sound of your voice. Power outage? Often times, this can have a damaging effect on older HVAC models. MrCool made the 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage ductless mini split knowing that sometimes, power surges and outages happen and you should be protected. This system comes with an automatic restart button giving you a backup plan if you ever abruptly lose power.

If your system needs a tune up or repair, we have you covered. It comes with a great manufacturer-backed warranty upon purchase. With features like that, how can you not choose the 3rd Generation MrCool Advantage ductless mini split?

  • 16 ft. install kit includes: copper tubing, control wire, 6 ft. drain hose, wall sleeve.
  • Sleep mode, louver position memory, gold fin anti-corrosion and auto restart functions.
  • Low ambient cooling: cooling down to 5 degrees F - this feature makes the Mrcool Advantage the ideal system for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year.
  • Works with Google Assist & Amazon Alexa

This system is meant to be installed by an HVAC technician.

Warranty Terms

For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product as well as individual manufacturer requirements, please review the manufacturer's consumer brochure and/or product warranty documents.  Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty availability on scratch & dent and surplus items.

For additional warranty information, click here.


Model A-12-HP-230B
UPC 810512031559
AHRI Number 202918799
Bundle Avg Coverage Area 500 - 600 Sq Ft
Bundle Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Bundle Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 9
Series Advantage
Zones 1
Region Compatibility Nationwide
Popular Applications Game Room, Garage, Guest Room, Home Gym, Hotel Room, Man Cave, Server Room, Sunroom, Wine Room
California Residents see Prop 65 WARNING

A-12-HP-C-230B Specifications:

Model A-12-HP-C-230B
UPC 810512031603
Avg Coverage Area 500 - 600 Sq Ft
Compressor Inverter
Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Heat Pump Efficiency (HSPF) 9
Line Set Connection Type Flared
Liquid Line Size 1/4 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 15 amps
Primary Heating Capacity 10,001 - 15,000 BTU
Product Height (in) 22
Product Length (in) 12
Product Width (in) 30
Cooling Efficiency 19 SEER and Above
Series Advantage
Suction Line Size 1/2 inch
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Compressor
Weight (lbs) 65.0000
Region Compatibility Nationwide

A-12-HP-WMAH-230B Specifications:

Model A-12-HP-WMAH-230B
UPC 810512031610
Air Flow Direction Horizontal
Configuration Wall Mounted
Blower Motor Variable Speed
Cooling Capacity 1 Ton
Electrical Phase 1-Phase
Line Set Connection Type Flared
Liquid Line Size 1/4 inch
Max Overcurrent Protection 15 amps
Product Height (in) 11.69
Product Length (in) 7.44
Product Width (in) 31.57
Series Advantage
Special Features Alexa, Google Assistant, WiFi Capable
Suction Line Size 1/2 inch
System Application Type Ductless Split Systems
Voltage 240
Warranty 2 Year Parts
Weight (lbs) 19.0000


Q & A

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Does this come as a kit with the lines and everything needed to install?
are these pre charged lines?
no vac pump needed to install?
i have read that these won't heat well below 32 degrees.
What is the efficiency of the unit? KW/ 1000 BTU output, etc. Explain the efficiency term: with units, not just a number.
Does this work on 110 or 220? Can I just get AC and no heat?
I need the air handler dimensions (the part that hangs on the wall) of the 12k Mr. Cool Mini split. Width, height, and depth

Checking to see if it will fit into my allotted space.

I am looking for a quote on a two air handler one compressor system installed?
Does this have an option for a longer refrigerant line?
do you sell a mr cool 115v mini split unit
Is a 25ft install kit available as an upgrade?
Could you use this for a home made well insulated walk in cooler And keep beer at 33 degrees?
Does the condenser come precharged with freon
Its says this Advantage model is meant to be put in by AC Tech. Which type has the wrench on copper tubes that do not need a HVAC tech?
Does the Mr. Cool mini split need to be installed by a Havac tech. to allow for the warranty to be honored? My husband is a skilled electrician but unlicensed (retired).
What size breaker does this unit need
What is the cost per year.
What gauge wire should I use to wire the air handler to the unit outside? 12,000 btu
do you need to use the line set?
I could mount the compressor with the wall mount
very close to where the lines come out of the wall,
is that OK?
Does this come with a wall bracket to hold the indoor unit on the wall?
I have watched many videos an commercials on installations of MRCool mini split units and they all state that they can be installed by most capable people, but now I see your statement that it must be installed by a HVAC tech - whats up ?
You say that this unit comes pre-charged, with a line set of 16'. What do you need to do if you shorten the lineset to 10'? Do you need to adjust the amount of refrigerant, or can you leave it as it is with the shorter lineset?

What is your return policy?

Thank you.
Can you run two air handlers off one compressor or do I need a higher BTU?
Does this model come pre-charged with refrigerant?
Is this a mini split that has a/c and heater?
Can you list the cubic footage of cooling/heating each model puts out?
What would the cost on this unit be with a 25 foot connection instead of the 16 foot line connection/
can i make an advantige into a diy systom
Why does this unit only have a 1 year compressor warranty? Is the manufacturer expecting to fail after one year?

I like the price but don’t want to go through the work of installing it to go through that same effort in a year.
Are the advantage units energy star rated?
Is there any way to see pics of a particular s&d unit? I'm looking at 1ton Mr.Cool mini splits, but want to know the extent of damage.
Why do I need an hvac to install this unit?
What voltage does this unit use?
considering 12k unit my 10x12 bedroom
What is the HSPF rating of the Mr Cool 12k Advantage ITEM: HA18428 MODELS: A-12-HP-C-230B, A-12-HP-WMAH-230B I am only interested in heating,
Are there any electric heaters in this unit? and if so what are they
Good Afternoon!! Do you have a DIY system? Just wondering as A/C folks CAN be expensive!!

Thanks in advance!!

Larry in Arizona
I would like to order the Mr Cool mini split, 12k, but it shows that it is on backorder. Can you tell me when this unit would be available?
Do you have a list of recommended installers for my area. Lebanon Indiana 46052
Does this come prefilled?
Can you ship to USVI St. Croix?
i am only needing the smaller unit at 12 k btu for a less than 500 ft apt, but the run to the outside will be close to 35 feet for the compressor, the drain will be about 12 feet. where is the link to add the extra hose and can the unit push that thru it? will the freon in the pre charged compressor be adequate or do i have to vacuum the lines and then add more freon
The specs indicate the both the indoor and outdoor units require 240V 20amp circuits. Does this mean I need two 240V circuits - one in the bedroom and one for the compressor outside? Or is everything running off a single 240 20amp circuit by the compressor?
Does this system run on 208v?
Will the WiFi work with Alexa?
How long is the line set?
Is this unit available with a 12 foot supply line ? Does the outside bracket supplied in this price ?Thanks
is it possible to purchase multiple inside units and connect them to one outdoor condenser sized to handle the multiple units?
Do the HA18428 12k BTU 19 SEER MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump
And the
HA18429 18k BTU 19 SEER MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump us the same size linesets?
Can the condenser be mounted in an unheated space inside a space above an attached garage. If so what are the venting requirements. I am try to heat/cool an attached sun pour here with a wall of widows on the south wall and a elder son west wall. The sunroom is about 360 square feet.
This product is a single compressor and single air handler 12k good for 500sq ft at about $780. I saw that you have an option to install (3) 9k air handlers good for 400sq each with (1) single compressor for about $2900? Is there a better and more cost effective option for me if I'd like (1) compressor and (3) air handlers? Not sure why the smaller (3) 9k's is much more than buying (3) 12k's which come with (3) compressors? I look forward to your reply. Thank you!
is this unit a DIY unit?
Hi - I understand I need 9k to 12k for about 450 square feet. Will this work for that space? Prefer too much cooling versus too little (cheap electricity in Eastern Washington).

Also can the condenser fan be right outside the wall from where the duct would be? I was wondering about noise. Also can the refrigerant pipe (not sure technical name) be that short?

I have an electrician coming out. Where would the cut off switch go in relation to the unit if I put the fan (on the outside) just below the point were the duct would be placed (inside). Thanks!

Do you still have this unit?
are the lines refrigerated
May I have the dimensions of the Condenser Unit please?
I do not the the clearance for the ceiling. Does that mean I cannot install it? I only have 1-2inches of play above the unit for the ceiling
Does the supplied lines etc come wrapped ready to install or?
Can I get a 25' line set with this unit? If so, how much is it?
Is the cost to run this unit of 83.00 cooling and 267.00 heating per month or yearly? This answer seems very low per year costs?

Answer to a question $83 cooling and $267 heating according to AHRI.
Where is mr. Cool manufacture
What is the advantage/disadvantage of the 230v over the 115v
How are your rated and what else do I need
do these come with sleaving to cover the lines outside, if not how can i order it
Is it a problem to substitute the 25' line instead of the 16'?
12k BTU 19 SEER MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - 230v

What is are the dimensions of the inside air handler device? May the outside condenser equipment be installed a few feet above the inside air handler?
We have a unit diy series water started dripping from inside unit what is the problem
I’m looking at the 12k btu mr cool mini split units, There’s ine that is “Advantage” and other “diy” series. What’s the difference between the two? Thanks
What size mini split would be recommended for a 500 sq ft 2-car garage with 14ft ceilings in North Carolina? Space above, and on one side, is conditioned.
I bought this model A-12-HP-C-230B, A-12-HP-WMAH-230B and my vacuum line set broke by a fallen tree branch. Is it possible to replace with a new precharged line set model DIYXX-1412? I don't want to hire another HVAC tech that end up costing more than the precharged line set.
Any two car garage with 8-foot ceilings?
We have a small trailer with not much wall space. What size wall space is needed, and what is the weight the wall must support?
I have a 30 amp circuit with double pole 15s that I used for my 9ld window heat pump. It's run with 10 2 conductors. Need any changes?
Does this model come already charged with coolant? Do you need to get a authorized HVAV person to install or is it a DIY model?
the part number from has 25ft lines, why are these only 16ft lines?
I am an older woman, with the help of a carpenter and electrician, I am converting a garage and small room to a ~540 sf apartment. I am interested in the 12k btu 19 seer MrCool. I am in the process of applying for a building permit, this is my responsibility.
What is a manual j ?
The room is 21 feet wide and 26 feet long, half is a slanted ceiling from 8 foot down to 6'3", The other half is an 8 foot ceiling.
No walls except for the bathroom and exterior, there is a 8 foot long closet in the middle, as a room divider, does not go to the ceiling. How do I calculate air flow using this MrCool unit and how do I calculate for the mechanical?
I hope this makes sense? Thank you for your time, kindness and answers.
I have two rooms which i need AC.
one is 9x12 and the other one is 11x14
Two -4 people are in the room.
what size is good to purchase?
also if i want a multi unit, do i need a proffesional to install it?
or is it also DIY?
For how many square feet of area is this unit good for?
My apartment is 650 ft.² which PTI should I go with with this mini split Mr. cool system
We live in the bay area, and would only use the coolant two months of the year and never reaches over 95 degrees
Does the price include both the indoor and outdoor units? Don’t know muchAbout these systems.
Does the hand remote come with the system?
How many sq ft will this unit cover?
Is the $839 unit a DYI type unit also?
Is this system Pre charged with feon ?
Looking at at the mr cool 12 I mini split . I LIVE IN THE MIDWEST. Will it work In 2 car garage?
any idea of installation cost? is this 110 or 220
Does this contain all parts for inside and outside?? Room is approx 400 sg feet but slope ceiling goes 14" high at center of room
zip code 08225
Are the flare connectors included and are the included lines already flared or just blunt copper line? What would be the max length they could be extended? ( Assuming adding R410 as needed.)
what do i need a vacuum pump for I thought you say it is recharged.the answer on the may 6 question says you need a pump, whats up?
dose the outdoor unit run off the same power as the indoor or do i need to run power that
I rent an apartment with one of these units where are the filters in it to be cleaned unit look dirty air is very dusty and built up in apartment adjust is stick in the air yet clean all this apartment all the time where are the filters
I have a two bedroom 2 bath mobile in Florida. 924 sq. Ft, what would u suggest I buy and how many units
What size wire is needed to install unit?
room size capacity
what else do i need for this unit
Stud spacing at my home is off terribly, so there is no way to mount the air handle bracket on studs, is it ok to mount the air handler on just drywall?
How many degrees are the flairs on the lineset?
I saw this unit on another site, said 220v. Are there different Mr. Cool 3rd. gen. 12k. units? More than one?
Can I get Mrcool DIY 12K btu in a 230V ? I don't see any advertised.
What size of unit do I need for a 1050 Sq.Ft. area ?
Is this unit available?
Are Refrig Lines pre charged.?
The unit will require a vacuum pump and gauges for proper installation?

12k BTU 19 SEER MrCool Advantage Ductless Heat Pump Split System 3rd Generation - 230v
can i get a longer install kit say 30 feet or longer
What size breaker and wire do I need? single pole, double pole?