18 SEER - The Best Choice for a Despotic Warlord

Every tyrannical warlord worth their salt knows that maximizing efficiency is a critically important part of any evil scheme. Whether you're plotting to invade your neighbor or engineering a clandestine coup against a vulnerable rival, make sure an 18 SEER air conditioner or heat pump is part of the equation. Not only will your henchmen stay calm and comfortable enough to make the smart decisions, but you'll save money long term.

And what despot doesn't love saving money?

Stay Cool to Crush Your Enemies and Drive Them Before You

Minions, military-grade armaments, nefarious traps, and more spies than you can shake a stick at are not cheap. Those people want healthcare and pensions and fashionable helmets.

Which is why investing in an 18 SEER air conditioner is so important.

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It's a measure of how efficient an air conditioner or heat pump will cool on an annual basis. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently the unit will operate.

18 SEER Air Conditioning

Of course, you don't have to invest in an 18 SEER air conditioner. The current federal minimum standard is 14 SEER, which is fine. It will save you money compared to previous generations systems, certainly. If you really want to get cheap though, you could just go with a window air conditioner. They don't have to meet federal minimums, so their typical SEER rating is usually much lower than 14.

And all that money you saved buying a cheap window unit you will be sure to spend time and again when that inefficiency wrecks your utility bill. Which means that instead of paying henchmen bonuses or investing in the latest generation of giant robots, you'll be throwing your money at the electric company for years to come. And aren't they the real villain here?


Are you an aspiring warlord or tyrannical madman with questions about how to optimize your HVAC? Just ask in the comments below, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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