The Best Garage Heater in the World

Is your garage cold and miserable all winter long? You need heat! Don't worry, we have the best garage heater in the world right here on IWAE. Or at least we have a lot of 'em. And one of them will be the best garage heater for you, depending on what you need. Because not all garages, lifestyles, and needs are made the same.

The Best Garage Heater (for You)

Whether you have a one-car, two-car, or twenty-car garage, you don't want it to be cold. For one, most folks do a lot more in their garage than just store their car. And what's the point of space you can't use four months out of the year because it's too cold.

Secondly, you've got a garage so you don't have to keep your car out into the cold. If your garage is twenty below zero every morning, you might as well not even be using it.

A reliable, effective garage heater can solve this problem. There are numerous brands and styles. All of them will keep your garage warm, but only one of them will be your best garage heater.

Let's see what we got!

Lennox Hanging Gas Furnace

The first product you should look at that might become your best garage heater is the Lennox Hanging Gas Furnace. Available from 30k to 75k BTUs, this hanging furnace is packed with power and features. It has a low-profile cabinet design that allows it to hang virtually anywhere in your garage, so it's ideal for space-premium installations. It has a tubular heat exchanger, direct-spark ignition, sidewall venting, and more.

Reznor Hanging Gas Furnace

Maybe a Lennox heater wasn't your thing. But a Reznor Hanging Gas Furnace could be. This strong candidate for best garage heater has a lot going for it. You can find models able to put out from between 30k to 400k BTUs! So, if you have a big garage or shop, a Reznor furnace could be exactly what you're looking for. These are single-phase, 120v, natural gas or propane, heavy duty heaters. Make sure you give them a look.

Kozy World Wall Heater

Maybe a hanging furnace doesn't meet your best garage heater Platonic ideal. You should check out the Kozy World Comfort Glow vent free wall heaters. With a slim silhouette and plenty of heating capability, this Kozy World series could be what you're looking for. And with up to 30k BTUS of capacity, they can accommodate a variety of residential applications. They come with a Piezo Ignition System, ODS Safety Pilot, thermostat heat control on select models, and both propane or natural gas models are available.

Dura Heat Garage Heater Options

Dura Heat has a lot of options for your best garage heater. If one of the previous options didn't fit your needs, Dura Heat almost certainly has a unit that will.

360 Degree Indoor Outdoor Propane Heater

A Dura Heat 360 Degree Indoor Outdoor Propane Heater is an effective option for portable heating whenever and wherever you need it. It is available in a single or double tank format and up to 18k BTUs. It also has a refillable propane cylinder, easy access compartment doors, wire guard, burner orifice, and more. Definitely a contender for a portable best garage heater.

Find the 10k model here and the 18k model here.

Double Tank Top Heater

Do you need your best garage heater to be able to direct heat? Check out the 30k BTU Dura Heat Propane Double Tank Top Heater with Tip-Over Shut-off. And, yes, that is a very long product name. It has double burners, a 100% safety shutoff system, adjustable input ratings, wind resistance and rain protection, and a match or Piezo electric spark ignition.

Don't need your best garage heater to be a Double? Check out this Top Heater.

Forced Air Heater

Or maybe your idea of the best garage heater is a Dura Heat forced air heater. Well, you're in luck, because Dura Heat has over a dozen different portable forced air heater designs. You can get them with BTUs as low as 40k or as high as 650k. They are available for propane, natural gas, or kerosene. You can get them with accessories like a carrying handle, thermostat, wheels, pressure gauge, mobility cage, or various combinations of the aforementioned.

You got a lot of best garage heater options is what I'm saying.

Convection Heater

Not a forced air heater fan? Check out a Dura Heat convection heater. These pack a lot of heating BTUs into a heater with a very compact footprint. The most powerful model can generate up to 200k BTUs. Plus, they come with an attractive outer shell, thermocouple, spark plug, regular hose assembly, and more.

Radiant Heater

So you don't want a convection, forced air, tank top, wall heater, or a hanging furnace as your best garage heater. Fortunately, you've still got the option for a Dura Heat radiant heater like this one. These put off luxurious, comforting heat that will let you have full use of your garage again. They feature a slim silhouette, shallow footprint, propane, thermocouple, variable-control knob, and more.

MrCool DIY 3rd Gen

As an alternative option to a garage heater that relies on gas or propane, consider a ductless heat pump like the MrCool DIY. This is a simple to install dual heating and cooling system that can go virtually anywhere. It's safe, efficient, powerful, and runs on only electricity. And unlike a lot of other heaters (or air conditioners), you don't need specialized tools or training to install a MrCool DIY unit.

So Which is Your Best Garage Heater?

We're confident we've got the best garage heater for you. However, if you can't find the perfect fit for your garage, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Eric Fox
    Eric Fox
    Posted on 3/23/2020

    We have a 36000 btu mini-split mr cool in our house and it works great 220v low amp draw. Best thing we ever did

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