Claim Your Energy Efficiency Rebates!

You really want a new high efficiency HVAC unit. But you also like money, and high efficiency can get highly expensive. Which brings us to today's topic: energy efficiency rebates.

Energy Efficiency Rebates are Everywhere

One key consideration when determining whether or not to buy any HVAC system is cost. Energy efficient and sophisticated technology isn't free. While you would love to save every month, a big fat price tag can be hard to swallow.

That's why we recommend to all our customers that they take advantage of whatever municipal, country, state, local utility, or federal benefits they can. There are a wide variety of energy efficiency rebates, low interest loan programs, and renewable energy incentives available all across the country designed to promote superior HVAC technologies.

And you might think there aren't any around you, but you should definitely check. A rebate of a couple hundred bucks or even an eco-efficiency grant could make all the difference!

Where Should You Look for Energy Efficiency Rebates?

Incentive program availability varies widely dependent on where the applicants live and whom they receive utility service from.

The first thing you should do is check with your utility company. Many utilities receive funding from the government to promote the adoption of energy efficient equipment. They may have an incentive program going right now or planned for the peak season.

Next, check with your local county or municipal government. Some municipalities provide city grants for people who invest in efficiency technologies within the city limits.

Finally, find out what your state is offering. Some states have developed zero-interest loan programs with private lenders. You might be able to finance an entirely new installation with no money down and zero percent interest, and who the heck wouldn't love that?

We also have an available resource to find energy efficiency rebates for the products you find on our website... you can find it here:

Ready to Upgrade & Get Your Energy Efficiency Rebates?

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