Common Furnace Filter Questions

It might not seem like much, but your furnace filter is a critical part of your winter heating system. Neglect it, and your unit will soon be on its last legs. So, if you have questions about your furnace filter and how to maintain it, read on!

Can I Run My Furnace Without a Filter?

Yeah, sure. You can also drive your car without any oil in the engine, but I wouldn't recommend.

You might not be able to see all the dust and contaminants in the air floating through your home. That doesn't mean they aren't there. When your furnace is operating, the interior air gets pulled in to get heated, and so do all the pollutants. If those aren't properly filtered out, they will cake up and cause serious problems. So, you should really never even try to run a furnace without the filter.

So, My Furnace Does Have a Filter?

You definitely 100% have a furnace filter. They are typically located inside the blower compartment, though that can vary. If you don't know and aren't comfortable poking around, call your installer and ask. Worst case scenario, have a tech come out to show you where the filter is. You have to know where it is, so you can be sure to change and clean it regularly.

How Bad is a Dirty Filter?

Well, a dirty furnace filter is definitely not a good thing. Not only will you pay more for heating, but you're also putting greater strain on your furnace. Over time, that could lead to mechanical failure. Those repairs are always more expensive than paying a couple bucks for a replaceable air filter. Do yourself a big favor right now, and keep that filter clean!

Other Questions or Comments About Your Furnace Filter?

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