Is a DIY Mini Split Right for Your Home?

You need single-zone heating and air conditioning and you want to save money. Is a DIY mini split the right choice or should you trust a conventional system? What would the benefits be? What are the pitfalls? If something goes wrong, what can you do? Can the potential savings be worth all the trouble?

At IWAE, we're very familiar with the desire to save money while still getting great air comfort. Here's what we think you should know about a DIY mini split installation.

A DIY Mini Split Will Save You Money

Some people take on a new home improvement project just because they enjoy the challenge. They love that feeling of accomplishment they get after completing a tough job. Which is great, because the biggest reason to tackle a DIY project is to save money.

It's no secret that HVAC installation costs have been rising year after year. For many homeowners, the potential to save thousands is a huge incentive to undertake a DIY mini split installation. And, depending on where they live, a homeowner could save thousands. HVAC installation in certain metropolitan areas can get very expensive very quickly.

A DIY Mini Split Will Go Where You Want It

Are you very particular about what goes where and how in your home? If so, you're probably already very experienced with do-it-yourself home improvement projects. One major benefit of DIY mini split installation is that you get to put it exactly where you want it. Yes, most installers will do that, but for the very particular among us this is a real perk.

The Reality of Regulations & Permits

Most state and local municipal governments require HVAC equipment be installed in accordance with certain codes and regulations. Typically, these do not forbid homeowner installation of ductless mini splits. However, many require specific permits be pulled in order to install certain HVAC products.

Check with your local codes enforcement office to ensure you are in compliance before you start an installation. If you need to get a permit, make sure you do so. This will prevent later fines or penalties for code violations.

Busted Equipment & Broken Warranties

The biggest danger with a DIY mini split installation is not being adequately prepared to handle all the complexities. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is unintentionally damage or destroy the expensive HVAC equipment they just bought. So don't try a DIY mini split unless you're very comfortable with your skill level.

The next issue is warranty. Many HVAC manufacturers specifically exclude warranty protection for homeowners who engage in DIY mini split installation. Some people don't care about that, but it is definitely something you should understand before, not after, you get started.

What We Think About DIY Mini Split Installation

Overall, we recommend professional HVAC installation for most people. Should you still intend to undertake DIY mini split work, get a unit built for that like the MRCOOL DIY. As always, should you have additional comments and questions for us, just ask here, on Facebook, or on Twitter. We're always ready to hear from you!

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  • Eugene J Desjardins
    Eugene J Desjardins
    Posted on 5/20/2019

    I personally recommend the mini Split . From what I’ve seen they don’t seem to have problems with defrost like the central split system has. My neighbors have the mini split and no issue with defrost. I have a central split system and constantly have problems with defrost. If you live in the northern states and want a central split system heat-pump get one with on demand defrost . Apparently most central split heat pumps in USA come with a timer defrost that sucks and is dumb. Have a nice day.

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