Dual Fuel Heating System Winter Performance

A dual fuel heating system is a great tool to ensure your home stays comfortable no matter how low the outside temperature drops. Well, we know they are, but many of our visitors don't!

What is a dual fuel heat pump anyway?

In a lot of ways, a dual fuel heat pump is the best of both worlds. A dual fuel combines the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the raw heating potential of a gas furnace. It's a great tool for homeowners who need power to get through severe winter cold, but still want to take advantage of heat pump energy savings during the rest of the year.

They get those savings by operating the energy efficient heat pump in mild weather. When winter gets really severe, they switch over to gas to maintain interior comfort and performance.

On a dual fuel unit, is SEER or AFUE rating more important?

Dual fuel heat pump performance is measured by SEER, seasonal energy efficiency ratio, for the heat pump and AFUE, annual fuel utilization efficiency, for the gas furnace. Which is the most important?

They're both really important and you should get a dual fuel system with as high a SEER and AFUE as you can find. If you have to make a choice, we'd recommend a higher SEER rating. The higher SEER rating means your system will be just as efficient during a hot summer as it is in a cold winter.

Can I get a dual fuel heat pump with R-410A?

Absolutely, you can. There's tons of great heat pump designs matched with high AFUE gas furnaces and you can definitely find a dual fuel heat pump with R-410A ozone-safe refrigerant. In fact, most models you look at this days will use R-410A or another chlorine-free alternative.

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  • Dan Kier
    Dan Kier
    Posted on 10/30/2018

    Dual fuel seems like the way to go in Montana climate 20 degrees below zero is not uncommon. How does the cost compare to a 5 ton unit that has electric backup? We are planning radiant floor heating. Any problem with dual fuel and radiant?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 10/31/2018

    A dual fuel unit would be better than just a 5 ton air conditioner with electric backup. The dual fuel unit gives you a heat pump as your primary source of heat and a gas furnace as your backup heat source. Typically you would not use a dual fuel unit with radiant floor heating. Those two systems would not really work well together, or at all. The best radiant floor heating is with a geothermal heat pump, but that may or may not be an option for you.

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