What is a Dual Fuel System?

Are you looking for reliable energy efficient cooling alongside heating elements powerful enough to work through any low temperature conditions? You should consider a combination heat pump and gas furnace dual fuel system to get the best of both worlds.

How do I know if a dual fuel heat pump is a good choice for me?

Do you live in a region with really cold winters? Do you like saving money? Do you like great air comfort in all seasons? If so, a dual fuel heat pump is a great option.

In fact, it's exactly what you've been looking for when it comes to getting the best HVAC solution for your home. You can use the energy efficient heat pump to cool through summer, and keep your home warm as the temperature drops in fall and spring. When winter weather really starts pushing hard, switch over to the gas furnace to ensure maximum comfort all year long.

Do they cost more than other systems?

Not particularly. There are certainly cheaper products on the market. However, a dual fuel heat pump delivers excellent value that pays off in the long run, and many may qualify for regional heat pump efficiency finance incentives or rebates. Check with your local utility company to see if they're offering any special programs.

What's the best size dual fuel system for my home?

This is one of the best questions you should ask, not necessarily about dual fuel heat pumps, but just for general heating and air purposes. We say it a lot, but we'll say it again, "Get a Manual J Calculation!" A Manual J Calculation done by a professional technician is the only way you can know exactly what size system you need for your house. If you need help arranging one, or have questions about the process, give us a call.

Questions or Comments?

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  • Ross L Poling
    Ross L Poling
    Posted on 9/17/2018

    I installed a dual fuel in my home . I installed a Trane 90 Plus gas furnace and a Trane 10 Seer heat pump. I am a contractor and I have always tried to advise customers that the saving were great during milder temperatures down to 30 degrees. My electric and gas bills was excellent..
    I live in FL and people hear and including HVAC contractor are not even pushing heat pumps. They are selling straight A/C with electric heat. There needs to be classes to educate the contractors and employees.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 9/20/2018

    There really should be, Ross. Glad to hear it's working out for you!

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