Effective Air Duct Maintenance at Home

Every time you turn on your central heating and air conditioning system, air blows through the ductwork to different areas of your home. When the ducts are clean and in good condition, this process works seamlessly. Dirty, cracked, and broken ducts cause trouble. Which is why proper and regular air duct maintenance is critical to your long term home health and comfort.

Dirty and Debris

The best air conditioner filter in the world won't remove all air pollutants. Over time, contaminants can build up on the interior of an air duct. This is not an ideal situation. Dirty air ducts can increase corrosion, exacerbate allergies, and, in extreme cases, disrupt air flow.

It pays to check the interior of your ducts at least on an annual basis. If you don't want to do it yourself, make sure your service technician does so on their yearly visit.

Leaks and Cracks

There is an old saying about how hard it is to carry water in a leaky bucket. This is obviously true, if you know anything about water and buckets.

It is also true regarding air and your central ductwork. When the fan is pushing air out to different rooms in your home, that air can get partially diverted by cracks and breaks in the metal. When conditioned air is escaping into your crawlspace or attic, it isn't doing you much good.

Inspecting for any breaks in your ductwork is critical to your home comfort. Should you find any disruptions, contact your local service tech to schedule repairs. Because you're still paying for that leaking air whether you get to enjoy it or not.

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