Electric Heat Strips - Safe or Not?

Electric Heat Strips - Safe or Not?
Sometimes called auxiliary heat kits, many HVAC units can accommodate electric heat strips to provide backup or as supplemental heating. Depending on where you live, an electric heat strip might be the only heat source you need to get you through fall until harsh winter weather arrives. Or they might be the only heating element you need all winter long. In any case, is an electric heat strip going to accidentally burn your house down destroying all that you love in the process? No, probably not.

Don't Worry, Electric Heat Strips Are Safe To Use

Electric heat strips are very safe. Like most consumer products that use electricity to generate heat, electric heat strips must meet tough safety and operating standards before they can be sold. Also, the HVAC industry realized a long time ago that a product which starts fires inside a customer's home is a product people stop buying. As most HVAC manufacturers like money, they thought it wiser to manufacture safe electric heat kits rather than not.

That being said....

Heat kits are safe. However, if you misuse them, you do so at your own risk. Engineers designed heat strips to heat, and that's it. For example, do not use an electric heat strip for any of the following activities:
  1. Vertical Bacon Grilling Device
  2. Inconveniently Located Sock Dryer
  3. Emergency Parrot Storage Area
  4. Hat
  5. Key Holder
  6. Face & Hands Warmer
  7. Flan
  8. Potpourri Immolation Machine
  9. Jacuzzi Heater
  10. Backup Teeth Cleaning Apparatus
  Should you decide to use an electric heat strip for any of the aforementioned non-approved activities, we recommend you immediately contact your local fire department. You should also check in with emergency medical personnel and a good psychiatrist. You might need all three, so don't get choosy. Alternatively, use a heat strip as intended, and you're good to go.
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Kopernikas Green
The heat strips are an electric heating element; very similar to the heating element in an electric oven; that come on to help a heat pump produce heat even when the temperature gets freezing outside. The difference is, you don’t generally manually turn them on
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