Fireplace Safety for Your Home

You've got a new fireplace, ventless or otherwise, and that's great, but don't neglect fireplace safety! Yes, it seems kind of silly doesn't it? American homes rarely burn down these days. But it wasn't once so uncommon. With a few basic safety precautions, you can help keep it that way.

Matches & Kindling

Let's talk about activation. Most modern ventless gas fireplaces are easy to activate. You flip a switch and the fireplace comes on. It's really simple. And it's really safe. You don't have to worry much.

You really only have to be concerned when you are using a conventional wood burning fireplace. Then you need matches, kindling, and, obviously, the wood fuel you're going to burn. That's when you have to be careful. Dispose of the matches properly.

How do you do that? Don't just toss them in the trash. Ideally, toss them on the fire you just started and let them burn. If you would rather dispose of them elsewhere, make sure to run them under the faucet to eliminate any lingering embers.

Late Night Hot Ashes

What happens if you burn a fire one evening, it gets late, and you don't want to mess with cleaning up the ashes before going to bed? Is it okay to leave the ashes in the fireplace? Maybe, but why take unnecessary risks. Instead, cover the ashes with sand to smother the embers. If you don't have sand, use flour.

Waste Disposal

Under the right circumstances, tossing a smoldering match in the trash can ignite flammable refuse. Wood ash can do exactly the same thing, and the risks are much higher than with a couple matches. Which is why it is very important to dispose of ash waste properly.

First, never dump hot ashes into your regular garbage bin. They should only ever be stored in a metal receptacle without other flammable products alongside or nearby. Next, wet the ashes with water. Make sure they are soaked thoroughly. Set the bucket outside and let it soak. On the day you take out the trash, pour off the extra water and dump the ashes in the regular bin.

Want More Fireplace Safety Tips?

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