Gas Fireplace Insert Cost & Installation

Do you have a traditional brick chimney made for burning wood, but you really don't want the soot and ash from burning wood? Do you want the rich atmosphere only real fire can deliver? You should consider a gas fireplace insert. You'll get all the charm and luxury of a wood fire without the muss and the fuss.

Rustic Aesthetic Without the Rustic Soot

A roaring fireplace looks really great whenever you want to seem especially wise while telling a story to your grand kids about the Good Old Days when everything was actually much more awful than things are right now. Of course, if you don't have a fireplace, there is no authentic way to tell your family about how you used to walk uphill both ways to school during the tsunami. Or whatever.

Here at, we want to make sure you can tell all the ridiculous stories you want without having to worry about cleaning up a bunch of soot and ash after you're done. Which is why we sell a wide variety of gas fireplace inserts.

A gas fireplace insert gives you everything you want and nothing you don't. You get an attractive centerpiece for your family room that can produce real warmth on cold winter days.  Modern fireplaces generate heat via propane or natural gas. Meaning you can turn that rich, aesthetic heat on or off with the flick of a switch.

But What About Cost & Installation?!!

The cost of an insert is really low. Prices typically range from around $150 to $400. And installation is virtually pain-free. Modern inserts slip easily into conventional fireplaces without requiring expensive modification. So, to get that authentic fireplace feel you want, call us today! Or order online. Or do both just to make sure.

Do You Have Questions About a Gas Fireplace Insert?

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