So, What is a Gas Furnace?

There are a couple ways to answer that question. The most straightforward is to explain that a gas furnace is a home air comfort system that uses a combustible fuel to provide winter heating. As the name implies, they most often use natural gas, but propane is a very common fuel alternative. They're robust, durable, and the technology has proven itself safe and effective over long decades of performance.

Of course, that's just the first question.

Is it possible to find an efficient gas furnace?

Absolutely! The days of inefficient gas furnace units being "good enough" are long gone. Today, modern products meet much tougher energy efficiency standards to stay in line with government regulation than previous generation tech. They also must please customers who are more and more concerned about their home's environmental impact.

What kind of warranty should I expect on a new system?

Furnace warranties vary widely depending on the manufacturer and brand. You should typically expect a minimum 5-year limited parts warranty. However, 10-year limited parts warranties are not uncommon. A particularly good option is a lifetime limited replacement warranty for the heat exchanger, the most important component in the entire machine.

I heard gas furnaces were really, really expensive. Is this true?

What one person considers expensive another may not, so that's a hard question to answer. Gas furnace units are roughly in line with other HVAC products and are neither much more expensive or cheaper than most other heating systems. One advantage gas furnace units have is that the technology is so ubiquitous that consumers have plenty of options. Any homeowner will almost certainly be able to find a unit within their budget range.

Other Questions?

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