Get an HVLS Industrial Fan for Your Gigantic Space

You have a giant space. Maybe it's a warehouse, a barn, or an old factory floor. The problem is that you don't know how you're going to cool it. Obviously, you can install a ducted air conditioning solution. Which will cost a fortune. But there are other tools out there, so let's talk about one of those tools: the HVLS industrial fan.

Why Bother Cooling a Warehouse?

There are a lot of reasons you might want to climate control a large space. For example, did you know that the very first air conditioner was invented to control humidity in warehouses used for storing paper?

It's true! As you might imagine, excess humidity is a real problem when you have massive amounts of paper lying around. A warm, wet, closed environment is a breeding ground for molds, fungus, and all sorts of insects.

But maybe you don't need exacting climate control of a large space. You just need to keep the interior temperature comfortable enough for employees to work safely or to store goods properly. This is the perfect situation in which to leverage the capabilities of a HVLS industrial fan. Not only will you be able to counteract high summer temperatures, but you'll also save money at the same time.

HVLS Industrial Fan Mold Protection

Move Air Not Profits

Air conditioning a large space can get really costly. The larger the volume of air, the more powerful the HVAC unit that will be required to do the job. For most large commercial spaces, there are few single units that will work. Many big buildings are forced to rely on multiple independent air cooling systems that can communicate as one.

Yes, that is as expensive as it sounds.

An HVLS industrial fan can make a huge difference in air comfort without the associated price tag. A typical HVLS industrial fan can reduce interior temperature of a large area by an average of 10 degrees.

HVLS Industrial Fans Reduce Temps by 10 degrees

10 degrees is huge! On an 80 degree day, your warehouse will feel like 70 degrees. The contrast will be startling, and will make your interior spaces much more comfortable. Your employees will sweat less, productivity will go up, your business will be improve, and you might even get better looking! Well, some of those will happen.

Survive Not by Industrial Fan Alone

Of course, you don't only have to rely on an HVLS industrial fan for your comfort in a large space. You can still invest in conventional air conditioning along with your new fan. That's because the industrial fan will be a great complimentary tool for any industrial-scale air cooling. They particularly work well in facilities which, by necessity, must open large bay doors on a regular basis throughout the day. This rapid temperature shift can be tough for air conditioning to deal with, but you HVLS industrial fan will help to greatly ameliorate any negative effects.

What to Look for in an Industrial Fan

Are industrial fan units made all the same? Is one brand better than the others? What sort of features and performance criteria should you look for? Will it matter if you go with the cheapest brand you can find?

What to Look for in an Industrial Fan

All good questions! Here are a few things you should look for when it comes to selecting a new industrial fan for your space:

  • Blade Design - Most industrial fan products are a little more sophisticated than metal slabs welded to a spinning top. Truly effective models feature subtly sloped fan blades that can move even greater air than their size would allow. You want to shift as much air as possible, so a good design on a big blade is what you should look for.
  • Durability - Your warehouse works long hours, and that means any industrial fan will have to do the same. Pick something with a good warranty and provable performance. The last thing you need is for the fan to break during your busy season.
  • Safety Features - An industrial fan is a bunch of metal slabs spinning at high speed a couple dozen feet off the ground. Nobody wants one of those blades flying off at the wrong time to impale the forklift. Look for safety features, and make sure they're installed properly.
  • Efficiency - One big reason to invest in an industrial fan is to save money. You won't save much if your unit is powered by a bulky, inefficient motor. So make sure your choice runs smoothly and effectively.

Do You Have a Question or Comment About an HVLS Industrial Fan?

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know below any comments or questions you have about air conditioning, heating, or climate-controlling a large space with an industrial fan.

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