Get a Programmable Thermostat Already!

Do you have a programmable thermostat? You don't have a good reason not to have one these days. Do you hate saving money or something? Are you just really into wasting energy and paying your utility company more than they deserve month after month? No?

Then listen up!

A Programmable Thermostat is Worth the Money

It seems like we keep harping on this, but it is completely legitimate!

Provided you actually use it, a programmable thermostat will save most people money. Because most people spend a lot of time during the day at work or school or doing social stuff. When the house is empty and you're running the HVAC at your preferred comfort level, you're wasting money.

It's really that simple.

With A Programmable Thermostat, Program It & Forget It

Yes, a programmable thermostat does cost more than a traditional thermostat. Yes, you do actually have to spend 15 minutes learning how to properly program your programmable thermostat.

But! That is time well spent.

First, you only have to figure out how your programmable thermostat works once: when you program it. After that, feel free to forget it is even there. The whole idea is that the schedule you input runs without you having to meddle with it on a daily basis.

Figure out how to use your programmable thermostat, then input the temperature you want the house to be when you're at home and when you're away. Put in times based on when the house is almost always going to be empty. Is everybody out of the house by 8 AM? Set the comfort level to reduce. Are you and the kids always home by 4 PM? You can schedule the air to start cooling (or heating) 15-30 minutes before you get home.

And you'll save money. The Department of Energy estimates the average homeowner can save upwards of 20% each year just by programming a thermostat ONCE. Is your utility bill about $1000 a year or more? Your heating and cooling is most of that bill. Wouldn't you like to save a nice chunk of that?

It really is that simple.

And What are You Waiting For?

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