Going Green and Staying Comfortable

Everybody's worried about the environment these days and there are lots of new products designed to reduce energy reliance, cut emissions, and make the world a better place. Or so the marketing says. Truth is, there's a lot of 'Going Green hype' out there that doesn't deliver, but some new technologies are making it possible to do right by the environment without moving back into caves.

Going Green Starts With R-410A

It's the refrigerant flowing through an air conditioner's coils that actually takes the heat out of an interior environment. Without refrigerant fluid, an air conditioner will do a whole lot of sitting around. Previous generation refrigerants depleted the ozone layer, and could have led to big, big problems. Like not having an ozone layer. The old refrigerants remain hazardous, but are slowly being phased out.

Not R-410A! It's a chlorine-free and ozone-safe refrigerant. Use it to keep your air conditioner running smoothly without slowly destroying the world we live in. Which is nice.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Want to save energy for the future? Just use less energy today!

Which is easier said than done when you like comfort. Get a geothermal heat pump to cool and heat your home. You'll save energy, since geothermal systems are many times more efficient than a typical HVAC system. Using a buried network, a geothermal heat pump taps stable subsurface heat. This boosts overall operating efficiency and, in extreme cases, has been shown to reduce yearly power consumption by as much as 70%.

Properly Sized Equipment

Too many homeowners rely on improperly sized HVAC systems to heat and cool. Not only does this reduce interior air comfort, but it wastes energy.

Find a contractor you trust and have them complete a Manual J Load Calculation on your home. This will tell you how big your HVAC system should be, improve your overall quality of life, and save you money at the same time.

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