How Good is Mini-Split Heat Pump Heating?

How Good is Mini-Split Heat Pump Heating?
Ductless tech is a great way to keep cool in a long hot summer. Which is great, but don't overlook the versatility you can get with flexible mini-split heat pump heating. The ability to both heat and cool in one, easy-to-install system is a serious advantage many homeowners love. These units are economically priced, efficient, and relatively easy to install. Of course, the big question is whether or not a ductless unit is good enough for all your winter weather needs.

What are you heating?

Before you decide to rely on a ductless unit or not, you must know whether you are looking to heat a single-zone, multiple interior zones, or the entire house. The best fit for mini-split heat pump heating is in a single- or multi-zone installation. In other words, there are one or a few discreet locations you need to heat. In that application, a ductless unit can do a great job. Whole house heating is usually a different story. Central air conditioner and furnace systems are popular, because they really do perform quite well. Using ductless in a modern home can work, but it is often more efficient to rely on a central heating and air system designed for the task at hand. That being said, if your home cannot accommodate a central system due to architectural restraints, a robust multi-zone installation can do the job.

Severe Cold Weather

Heat pumps are great, right? So, why do people still use gas furnaces? Because some heat pump tech can't keep up efficiency in extreme cold conditions. Remember, heat pumps don't generate heat through combustion, but by moving heat in or out of the house depending on what you need. When it's cold, they pull heat into the house. The colder it gets, the less heat there is to gather up, so the harder the heat pump has to work. That leads to an efficiency drop, and can lead to the coil freezing up as well. What matters is how many of those really cold days you have in your community each year. If you live in the Deep South, and rarely experience freezing conditions, mini-split heat pump heating should be enough to keep you comfortable. If you live around the Great Lakes, you properly want to keep a furnace installed, because it is going to get seriously cold one way or another.

The Verdict

Mini-split heat pump heating is a great tool to deliver location-specific and energy efficient heat. People who live in warm climates might find they don't need anything more powerful than a ductless unit to get through winter. People who don't, may need extra help. Interested in your own? Call right now!
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