Got a Clogged Condensate Drain?

clogged condensate drain
Is water coming out of weird places in your home? Is it dripping down the walls or breaking through the ceiling? And is it all because the drain pan in your air conditioner or heat pump is overflowing like a cheap hotel swimming pool during spring break? Well, friend, the problem might very well be a clogged condensate drain.

What is a Condensate Drain?

Every air conditioner and heat pump automatically dehumidifies as it cools the air around you. The humidity extracted from the air has to go somewhere. Hopefully, that somewhere is the condensate drain. Its job is to move that water out of the drain pan and out of your home. Of course, like any drain, it can get clogged. When it does, water backs up into the pan and can eventually spill over the top. Interior water damage is never a good thing no matter where your air handler is located.

What Should You Do?

Obviously, a clogged condensate drain is a problem you should try to fix ASAP. Your first clue is most likely going to be water coming down walls and building up where it shouldn't be. Check the drain pan on your air handler. If it's full, you know you have a problem. First, get the excess water out of the drain pan. You want to stop any potential water damage to your home immediately. Second, inspect the opening to the condensate drain where it connects to the pan and where it leaves the home. Remove any obvious debris from these areas. Third, use a plastic tube or condensate drain brush to gently snake the line. If need be, add a little soapy water. This should be sufficient to remove any obstructions that have built up inside the drain. Be careful not to jostle or jar the drain line in a way that could crack the pipe. Fourth, pour water into the drain pan, and ensure it flows cleanly out of the drain.

How is Your Condensate Flowing?

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