Got a Goodman Heat Pump?

Are you looking for a new Goodman heat pump to replace an existing unit or for new construction? No? You do know that a Goodman heat pump is one of the best tools to effectively control home heating and cooling costs at an economic price?

You know that, right?

The Goodman Heat Pump Advantage

First, do you know what a heat pump is?

A heat pump is basically an air conditioner that can run backwards to heat your home. Which might not make any sense to you. But, it will when I explain that air conditioners don't create cold air. Instead, they extract heat. An air conditioner cools your house by taking the heat from the inside and spewing it outside.

Make sense?

Unlike a conventional air conditioner, a heat pump can cool and heat. It can extract heat from inside to cool, or it can extract heat from outside to warm. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

Most people have an air conditioner and a furnace. In summer, they rely on the air conditioner. In winter, they use the furnace. But there are a lot of days of the year with weird weather that can fluctuate up and down. Cranking up the furnace to heat a few degrees here and there is really inefficient. An energy efficient Goodman heat pump is a better option. Not only do you have great cooling, but you can warm up your home without paying for fuels like propane or even more expensive heating oil.

But Why a Goodman Heat Pump?

Goodman Heat Pump is a Trusted BrandGoodman is a trusted name in the heating and air conditioning industry. They've been around for decades, they have reliable warranty support, and their products are economically priced. A Goodman heat pump will heat and cool your home just as well as more expensive competitor models, you just won't have to pay the extra dollars up front.

Are You 'Good' to Go?

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