Heat Pump Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Heat pump energy efficiency is a tool you can use to reduce your home utility bills without sacrificing comfort. A new air or ground-source heat pump can keep you cool at a fraction of the cost of previous generation technology.

How Does Heat Pump Energy Efficiency Save Me Money?

So, obviously your home HVAC system, heat pump or not, costs you money whenever it draws electricity to operate. The more electricity it requires to keep your home the temperature you want, the more you pay the utility company.

If Unit A can keep your home comfortable using less energy than Unit B, then Unit A will require you to pay less money to the utility company each month. In many cases, heat pump energy efficiency means they will use less energy than other units.

The most basic reason a new energy efficient heat pump will save you more money than your current air conditioner is simply new technology and efficiency standards.

New Government Standards on Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

A new unit, heat pump or not, is going to be more efficient due to tougher government performance standards. Many people still rely on old, outdated air conditioners and upgrading to a new unit will cut their utility bill by a lot.

This can save you money during mild weather when its cool, but not freezing outside. Instead of relying on an electric or fuel oil furnace, you can use a heat pump.

Do You Want to Save with Heat Pump Energy Efficiency?

If you think you would be into saving money with heat pump energy efficiency or have a great example of how heat pump energy efficiency has save you on your heating and cooling costs, let us know in the comments below, on Facebook, or Twitter!

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