Heat Pump Lifespan & Performance

An energy efficient heat pump is a great way to deliver both warm and cool air comfort into your home. That flexibility allows many homeowners to save money compared to a previous generation, cooling-only air conditioner. But what about heat pump lifespan? Do they run as long as air conditioners? What should you expect?

Expect Reliable, Long Term Performance

Not all heat pump brands are made with equal quality, and the higher quality brands tend to survive a bit longer than cheaper systems. That being said, a typical heat pump will reliably last around 15 years or so on average. Newer systems made with more durable components than were previously available may last slightly longer. To ensure you get the most from your system, keep it properly serviced, cleaned, and cared for.

Annual Maintenance - Should You Do It Yourself?

Uh, no, please don't. Your heat pump is a complex, electrically-driven machine that doesn't respond well to abuse. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently damage something or void your warranty by meddling with innards you don't understand. If you think something is broken, contact a trained service technician to fix the problem. And try not to electrocute yourself before they get there.


So, if a heat pump will last for 15 years, should you expect a 15 year warranty? Not so much. Most heat pump warranties last about 10 years. Some companies offer a lifetime compressor replacement warranty, which are nice. Though we should point out that the "lifetime" part means the lifetime of the product and not your actual lifetime. Which hopefully would be longer than 15 years. In any case, remember that 10 years is average, and everything else is just a nice value bonus.

Do you have other questions about your air conditioner or heat pump lifespan?

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  • jim stracner
    jim stracner
    Posted on 9/17/2018

    Can a heat pump be replaced with out replacing the air handler?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 9/17/2018

    If the replacement and the old heat pump condenser are both compatible with the air handler and use the same refrigerant, then it is possible, yes.

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