What Makes a Good Split System Air Handler?

What Makes a Good Split System Air Handler?
Your split system air handler has a lot of work to do. It's responsible for pushing conditioned air through the ductwork to every part of the home. Simultaneously, it is passing heat through the coil to the condenser outside. Of course, that's just in summer. If you use a heat pump, then the air handling unit keeps going in winter by receiving heat from the condenser to keep your home warm. In short, an air handler is a pretty important part of your central heating and air installation.

What kind of split system air handler should I buy?

For starters, don't run out and buy the first air handling unit you find. Chances are you'd get something incompatible with your condenser and improperly sized for your home. When you're in the market for an air handling unit, keep the following criteria in mind: Compatibility  An air handling unit isn't the whole system, so it's got to work effectively with everything else. If you buy one that is improperly matched with your air conditioner or heat pump, you're going to have problems. Capacity  Few homes are exactly alike, and you need an air handling unit that can push the ideal air flow your home needs. Have a Manual J Load Calculation done on your home. Then, buy an air handling unit according to those specifications. This will save you time and money in the long run. Efficiency  The more efficient your HVAC system, the less you spend over the long term. This includes your air handling unit! Less efficient equipment is cheaper up front, but there are hidden costs down the road. That cost often comes in the form of a higher monthly utility bill. Warranty  Many industry manufacturers provide reliable and effective warranty packages for their air handling units. Pick a reliable warranty and don't forget to follow the registration guidelines. Not Sure? Still have questions? Ask away in our Q&A section below, send us a chat message, drop an email, or call! We are ready and able to answer any HVAC question you have.
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albert Nghiem
how can I connect 2 wall type air handler units 9000 BTU for each bed room to 1 condenser 18000 BTU capacity ? how does it work? when 1 air handle is in used and the other is turned off ? Please advise. Which split unit system and which manufacture that I should buy ? all evaporator should be in a same distance of 25 ft tubing ? Can it be unequal tubing length ? how about elevation effect the performance of the system ? is 25 ft elevation is equivalent to 25 ft horizontal ? any oil in the refrigerant effect the compressor in a long run? thanks in advance Albert Nghiem
You can connect two wall air handlers to an outside condenser in a multi-zone system like the MRCOOL Olympus (https://iwae.com/shop/heating-air-conditioning/full-systems/ductless-split-systems/?series=521) or a Gree Multi 21+ (https://iwae.com/shop/21k-btu-22-seer-gree-vireo-ductless-heat-pump-split-system-2-zone-wall-mounted-9k-12k-ha13641.html). The system can operate with one air handler off and one on. We carry MRCOOL, Gree, LG, Daikin, and Mitsubishi mini-split multi-zones. We believe all are good products. The length of the lines can vary in a multi-zone. So long as the lines are vacuumed and installed correctly, oil buildup in the refrigerant line should not be an issue.
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