Is a New Air Handler in an Old System a Problem?

Have you bought or do you need to buy a new air handler? Are you trying to avoid upgrading the rest of your central heating and air conditioning system to go along? Would you like to know if your new air handler is going to have a problem in that old system?

Then we can help!

Much Ado About a New Air Handler

Your old air handler just died, and the technician says that you need a new air handler. You could just go ahead and upgrade your entire heating, cooling, and ventilating system. Though, most people aren't particularly excited to do that kind of home improvement on short notice.

And we can't blame you. An entire system replacement is a pain. But what should you get?

Obviously, the simplest solution is to get a new version of the old unit. You already know the exact unit that will work in your split system.

Simple and easy!

But what if you want to buy a unit that is more efficient? Or maybe your old model is virtually impossible to find these days. Should you upgrade? Can you upgrade?

New Air Handler Considerations

In some cases, yes, you can put a higher efficiency, new air handler in a split system with an existing condenser. There are a couple very important caveats here.

  • You need to make sure that the new air handler model and the old condenser are going to be compatible. Just because they're from the same manufacturer doesn't necessarily mean they're meant to work together.
  • Check that the improved new air handler will actually make a difference in your overall system efficiency. The best air handler in the world can't help out a condenser built back when flip phones were cutting edge technology.
  • Measure the site where you had your old air handler. After all, you don't want to buy a brand new unit only to find out that it won't fit where you need it to go! That would really put a damper on your afternoon.

Finally, enjoy your newly improved heating and cooling system!

Want to Know More About A New Air Handler?

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