The One HVAC Unit Every Home Should Have

No two homes are built alike, so they all have different heating and cooling needs. Climate plays a big role too. A Florida homeowner can do without the powerful gas furnace that's basically essential in Michigan or Wisconsin. The same is true for air conditioning. But there is one HVAC unit that we think every home in America would benefit from.

Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

HVAC equipment is definitely not a one-size-fits-all industry. Different homeowners have different needs. Different state and national laws make some systems more regionally advantageous than others.

That being said, if we had to pick an HVAC unit we think most homeowners should adopt, we'd go with energy efficient heat pumps.

Most people in the United States have an air conditioner to cool their home in summer. An energy efficient heat pump is basically a more versatile air conditioner. Thanks to tougher efficiency requirements, the latest energy efficient heat pump is a lot more eco-friendly than previous generation cooling systems. Even if you don't care about the environment, better efficiency means you pay less each month on your utility bill.

Where heat pumps really pay off is with their ability to reverse cycle for seasonal heating. This versatility can play a big role in annual energy savings. Many homeowners will be able to get through an entire winter season with only their heat pump. Even those who will rely on a gas furnace to get through the coldest winter days will still save money and shrink their carbon footprint.

The combination of dual-purpose versatility and efficiency makes the humble heat pump a far superior choice to single-application air conditioners. Which is why it is the only HVAC unit we think every American home should have.

Do you have a heat pump in your home? Are you thinking about getting one? Let us know in the comments below.

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