Package Air Conditioner Installation Benefits

When it comes to judging the pros and cons of package air conditioner installation, you will be happy to learn that it is mostly all pros.

What Is A Package Air Conditioner?

What is a package air conditioner anyway? If you don't know, a package air conditioner is a cooling system that gives you everything you need in a single cabinet or package. Most models will allow you to include an auxiliary heat kit for supplemental or backup heat during cold weather.

How Is Package Air Conditioner Installation Different?

Since all the important bits come inside the cabinet, package air conditioner installation is very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Place the package unit outside along the foundation near the supply and return ducts.
  2. Connect the ducts to the package unit.
  3. Connect the electricity.

And that's it for package air conditioner installation. There is no vacuuming or charging lines, since everything is enclosed inside the cabinet. You don't have to worry about wrestling an air handler into the attic, since the package unit already has a blower and evaporator coil.


Why Do Anything Other Than Package Air Conditioner Installation?

Effects of Nature on Air Conditioner Package Units

The downside of a package air conditioner is that everything is outside. There's lots of stuff outside that can really mess up an air conditioner. Stuff like rain, sleet, sun-damage, cold-damage, critters, bugs, corrosion, and so forth.

The benefit of having an air handler or furnace inside is that your home will (hopefully) protect all those sensitive components from damage. If you live in a highly corrosive environment, like along the ocean, the problem gets even more severe.

However, for many homeowners the simplicity and cost savings more than outweigh the potential negatives. Plus, regular maintenance will go a long way towards preventing weather and wilderness from hurting your package air conditioner unit.

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