What is a Package Heat Pump?

Have you considered using a package heat pump to heat and cool your home? Not only do these great HVAC system provide both heating and cooling, but they're very simple to install and maintain. In fact, a package unit might be exactly what you need to get the home air comfort you want.

But before you know that, you must be able to answer a simple question:

What is a Package Heat Pump Anyway?

A package heat pump is a heating and air conditioning system in which all the essential components are housed inside a single cabinet or "package". These cabinets are often rectangular in shape. Usually larger than an outside split system condenser, a package unit is always installed outside. In a residential application, most package heat pumps are installed on the ground. However, many businesses that use these systems install them on a roof.

Package Heat Pump Benefits

Broadly speaking, the biggest reason to use a package heat pump is because everything important is contained inside that single, metal cabinet. You don't have to worry about messing with refrigerant, and electrical hook-up is at a single location. It doesn't matter how much available square footage you have inside your home, because everything is outside. If you have functional ductwork, you can likely accommodate a package heat pump.

Are All Package Heat Pumps the Same?

Not quite. While a package heat pump will give you reliable heating and cooling, there are other options. For just cooling, you could get a package air conditioner. To ensure you have cold weather-proof heating, get a dual-fuel system that features both a heat pump and a gas furnace. Or get a packaged gas/electric unit for a combination conventional air conditioner and gas furnace.

Whatever your need, there is likely a package unit that can do it.

Other Questions?

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