Do Programmable Thermostats Save Energy?

Looking to save energy this year? You can always invest in a high efficiency heat pump or furnace. Those can save significantly compared to previous generation models. However, programmable thermostats save energy very effectively, and they're a lot cheaper to buy and install than a brand new system.

Your Parents' Thermostat

Years ago there was only one kind of thermostat on the market. It was simple to use, and pretty impossible to screw up. All you had to do was set the dial to the temperature you wanted, and your air conditioner or furnace would do the rest.

Those old models worked, but they didn't help you save money. Today, pretty much everyone already has or can afford a programmable thermostat. These work just as well as older thermostats to keep you comfortable, but they're a lot more versatile.

How are they better?

Heating and air engineers figured out that it was possible to save a lot of energy by adjusting the temperature inside a house in accordance with owner habits, so they made a thermostat to do that.

I'll explain. When you keep the thermostat set on the same temperature all day even when no one is in the house or asleep, you're wasting money. You can turn the AC down in summer and the heat down in winter during these periods, and save up to 20% annually. That equals a lot of dollars and cents.

Seriously, Programmable Thermostats Save Energy

A properly setup programmable thermostat will adjust the interior temperature according to your habits without you having to do anything. You input the average time you wake up, leave the house for work, arrive home, and go to bed. After that, the programmable thermostat does everything automatically. Whenever you make changes to your regular schedule, just remember to change your thermostat too.

So, if you don't have one buy one, If you do have one, use it. Take 20 minutes, read the owner's manual, and start keeping those dollars in your bank account where they belong.

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