Propane Furnace Questions Answered

You need the power of a combustion furnace, but you can't get natural gas in your home. Fortunately, a propane furnace is a great option. If you have questions about them, we've got answers.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Propane Furnace?

Propane furnace installation costs are very similar to gas furnace installation costs, because there is not a lot of difference between the two. In fact, many propane furnaces are just gas furnaces modified in the field with a simple conversion kit. Those cost about $50.

Is Propane Efficient?

Propane can burn as efficiently as gas or oil, but efficiency is due more to the design of the overall furnace rather than the fuel. In this case, propane cost is relative. It is typically more expensive to heat with propane than natural gas, but much cheaper compared to fuel oil or an electric furnace.

How Long Will a System Last?

Properly maintained, a combustion furnace can last a long time compared to air conditioners or heat pumps. Fifteen years on the low end and thirty or forty years on the long end. If you want to reach those longer years, make sure you schedule maintenance annually and change your filter on the regular too.

Is Propane Heating Really Expensive?

In a properly insulated home with an accurately sized propane furnace, using propane can be a very reasonable way to stay warm in winter. Obviously, the bigger the home, the colder the winter, and the worse your insulation, the higher your costs will be, but that is true of any home heating system regardless of the fuel it uses.

Is Propane Safe?

Yes, a propane furnace is a perfectly safe way to heat your home. Get a good installer and follow all the operating instructions, and you'll have nothing to worry about. Plus, you'll almost certainly notice a propane leak before it becomes a problem. Propane has a very strong odor, so you'll know when something is wrong. If you do, get out of the house and call a professional.

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