Proper Furnace Maintenance is Critical!

Millions of Americans use a gas or electric furnace to keep their house cozy during winter. How many of those Americans understand the importance of regular furnace maintenance? Unfortunately, way too few, and that's why there are news stories every year about homes that burn down due to a furnace fire. Fortunately, it's really easy to avoid that.

Annual Furnace Maintenance is Really Important

Like most folks, you probably only use your furnace for a couple months out of the year. The rest of the time it's just sitting there. Which is fine.

It does mean you should schedule an annual maintenance check for your entire HVAC system at least a week or two before you think you'll need it. Yes, this will cost you money. The HVAC professional who checks out your system won't work for free.

However, it could save you a ton of money over the long term. It could even save your life.

Dirty Filters, Faulty Pilot Lights & Cracked Heat Exchangers

You don't have to leave everything to an HVAC technician. Of course, I'm talking about dirty air filters, the most common furnace problem. Changing or cleaning them regularly is the best preventative maintenance you can do to keep your system efficient and functional. Just do it every 2-3 months and you'll save yourself a lot of hassle (and money).

The second most common furnace issue is a faulty pilot light. Maybe the gas valve isn't all the way open or there is a clog in the pilot opening. Whatever the case, a faulty pilot light is, as you might imagine, a problem when operating a furnace. It's also one check that you should leave to a pro.

By far the most dangerous problem preventative maintenance can detect is a cracked heat exchanger. This is a real threat to your health and well being. A cracked heat exchanger can leak all sorts of dangerous toxins right into your home. Which, obviously, is bad. But, regular furnace maintenance means you will have a tech check for that sort of thing before you need your furnace.

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