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Do you want a good deal on brand new heating and air conditioning equipment? We can do that to be sure. But, we can also give you an amazing deal on some slightly-bumped-and-bruised scratch and dent HVAC products!

What is "scratch and dent HVAC" anyway?

Whenever you put a box in a truck and send it halfway across the country that box is going to get some bumps and bangs. Usually those bumps and bangs don't cause a problem. HVAC equipment is pretty tough, and we package our products to prevent as much shipping damage as possible. No process is perfect. There is always going to be some amount of equipment that gets hit at just the wrong angle or slides into something at just the right speed to dent a cabinet, bend some fins, or otherwise damage a unit. Often this isn't a problem for the customer, and the shipping company compensates them appropriately. Whenever that customer rejects the banged-up product, we replace it with a similar product for no extra cost. Which means we sometimes have scratch and dent HVAC products that work perfectly well that we can offer to other customers at discount prices.

Common Scratch and Dent HVAC Questions

Let's cover the basic questions we often get about scratch and dent HVAC products in our inventory.

Do these products work?

Yes, of course. Whenever a scratch and dent HVAC air conditioner, heat pump, furnace or otherwise comes back we always have a tech evaluate the unit. Provided that inspection goes well, the system moves into scratch and dent HVAC inventory.

Do these products still have a warranty?

Yes, they do. Cosmetic shipping damage would not invalidate a warranty in any shape or form. Just make sure you follow whatever terms and conditions the warranty requires for installation or maintenance.

What if I have a problem?

If you get a scratch and dent HVAC product from us and something goes wrong, call us immediately. As before, you can file a normal warranty claim and get normal technical support. It's basically just like a regular unit that you get for a lower cost.

Are scratch and dent HVAC, refurbished, and surplus all the same thing?

No, they are not at all the same thing. Scratch and dent HVAC products are specifically products that suffered mild cosmetic damage and are 100% functional. Refurbished units are units that were once broken functionally but have been fixed and restored to "like new" condition and surplus equipment is "new" equipment that has been sitting in our warehouse so long that we have discounted it greatly.  Most surplus equipment comes without warranty, while scratch & dent and refurbished units come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

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Other Questions and Comments?

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as an apartment complex owner, it would nice to receive emails of available scratch and dent units you have for sale. i have purchased a few in the past without issue!
We don't have a mailing list for scratch and dent equipment right now, but that's not a bad idea. We'll keep it in mind, Howard!
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