Solar Panels are the Real Power-Saving Deal

solar panels
Advertising and savvy marketing are ubiquitous in our society. You can't drive your car, walk down the street, or surf the Internet without being bombarded by slickly made and specifically targeted commercials trying to sell you the world and more. How do you parse fact from fiction? Truth from lies? Hype from hard science? Solar panels from lunar parables? You can trust us. Because we'd never lie to you... probably.

Save Money with Solar Panels

First, where do you live? If your answer was Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Southern California, South Georgia, Nevada, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, then why aren't you using solar panels right now? Solar panel technology isn't yet a 100% solution to fossil fuels. While they won't cut your utility costs out entirely, you can still save a small fortune over the life of your system. Think about it like this. How often does the sun shine where you live? Most of the time? If so, then that's time where you can use electricity without having to buy it. What's that worth? If you're in a high energy cost state, like California, you could save hundreds or thousands every single year.

Sell Solar Panel Energy

No matter where you live, if your local utility company is willing to buy the excess energy your solar panels produce, you can save alot of money even in states with less sunshine every year. For example, in Tennessee and Kentucky, the TVA buys electricity from homeowners with solar panels that produce more energy than they need during sunny periods. This helps the homeowner offset future energy purchases from TVA. Most people who sell energy back to their utility provider won't come out making money year over year. That can happen in extreme cases, but it's not the norm. What is the norm is cutting sharply how much electricity you consume and offsetting what you do buy via energy sales.

Yes, Solar Panels Are The Real Deal!

If you get a lot of sunshine, solar is good. Or if your utility company is willing to buy your extra energy, then solar panels make a lot of sense. If you live in either situation and you don't have solar panels, then you are spending more than you have to every single day of the year on energy.
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Marcus Bell
can i use solar panels in the state of Alabama
Probably. I don't know why you couldn't, but you might want to check with Alabama.
what about Kentucky ? Would there be a savings for me?
Depending on where you live and the incentives provided by your local utility, there very well could be.
where do u buy solar panels that are affordaBLE?????????????????????
Rebekah Quarles
Solar panels are an investment with a relatively high up front cost and the ability to save you lots throughout your use of them. You may want to look around at potential dealers near you and build a relationship with them to see what their pricing is. You may also want to see if there are any rebates or tax credits for solar panel installations.
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