What is a Split System Heat Pump?

Everyone wants powerful, efficient air comfort in summer and winter. If you're in the market for a new home central system, make sure you consider a split system heat pump. These sophisticated HVAC products can deliver the cooling you want in hot weather. They can also reverse cycle to produce the necessary heat when temperatures drop.

But if you don't know a lot about HVAC, you just might be wondering, "What the heck is a split system heat pump anyway?"

A Split System Heat Pump Is Basically an Air Conditioner

Everybody is familiar with air conditioners. Whether you've got window shakers or a big central system, you know that if you turn down the thermostat, the house cools down. That's because the refrigerant cycle taking place inside the air conditioner is moving heat out of your home.

The only difference between a split system heat pump and a regular air conditioner is the ability to run backwards. So, instead of just taking the heat out, a split system heat pump can bring heat back inside when the weather turns colder. This versatility allows a homeowner more effective control over their home comfort.

A Split System Heat Pump Can Save You Money

Many folks across the country need reliable summer cooling and powerful winter heating. However, they also typically have a  few months every year where they need both. Early spring or late fall can wax and wane between uncomfortably warm and biting cold. You could turn on your furnace or boiler. But you can keep costs down with a more efficient heat pump that can handle all the heating you need in mild weather.

Plus, many homeowners can get through winter with just a split system heat pump and nothing else. Consumers who live in the hot southwest or balmy southeast will be well served by a heat pump.

Ready for a Split System Heat Pump?

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