Is a Two-Stage Heat Pump Worth the Money?

Two is better than one, or so the old wisdom goes. But is it always true? These days, HVAC manufacturers are promoting their new, two-stage heat pump products. The technology is supposedly more efficient and durable than the single-stage variety. Is that really the case or are they just trying to charge you more money for minimal benefits?

Two versus One

Long story short, an energy efficient heat pump is a good option for heating and cooling no matter if you get a one- or two-stage unit. The difference is fairly basic. A two-stage heat pump has two different operating stages it can engage to provide heating and cooling. It runs a lower-stage most of the time, then activates the secondary stage when maximum performance is needed.

Now that you know, we definitely encourage you to opt for the two-stage heat pump. Yes, they cost a little more up front, but they're more than worth it.

What's so good about a two-stage heat pump?

First, there's increased durability.

The most important component in a heat pump is the compressor. The better your compressor, the better your heat pump. If something is going to go wrong with a heat pump, it's usually going to be the compressor. A compressor on a two-stage heat pump lasts longer than the same exact compressor on a single-stage unit.

Then, there's efficiency. All other things being equal, a two-stage heat pump is going to provide more energy efficient performance than a traditional heat pump.

Now, obviously, the downside is that two-stage heat pumps tend to cost more upfront, but most people get that back money with fewer maintenance costs, better warranty protection, and lower utility bills over time.

Want to Know More?

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