What Will I Need For My Geothermal Installation?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular in the world of HVAC. They are incredibly efficient and are much better for the environment than traditional air source heat pumps. A geothermal heating and cooling system uses the natural consistent temperature of the earth to heat and cool a home, where air source heat pumps use the unstable temperature of the ambient air. This means there are more components involved in a geothermal system, which makes purchasing one somewhat confusing. One of the most common questions from consumers who are looking to purchase a geothermal heating and cooling system is, “What all do I need for my geothermal installation?

No Geothermal Installation Is The Same

No geothermal installation is the same, so no two situations will require exactly the same tools. An open loop geothermal installation typically requires the geothermal heat pump unit, a solenoid valve, a transformer, and a pump which pumps the water through the system. However, a closed loop geothermal installation requires more. Depending on whether the application is horizontal or vertical will determine whether a backhoe is needed or a well driller, and it will also determine whether normal polyethylene piping or U-bend piping is necessary.

Geothermal Installation Kit

Other items that will be essential to the proper installation of a geothermal heat pump system are a manifold, a non-pressurized pump flow center, a hose kit, and some swivel nut adapters. Of course the geothermal heat pump itself is necessary, and propylene glycol is needed for circulation through the loops of the system. Once the system is put together and all of the components of the system are functional, it will need a thermostat to signal the system when to heat and cool. In some climates, it is advisable to install an in-duct heat strip, which will be helpful on extremely cold days.

Geothermal Installation Is Affordable

It may seem like a geothermal heat pump is too difficult to get installed for a decent price, but they are becoming increasingly more affordable. There are companies such as Ingrams Water and Air which offer package prices that include the geothermal unit and the complete geothermal installation kit needed for proper installation. All of the piping and manifolds have compression fittings which make installation much simpler and affordable.

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