Is Wood Stove Heating Viable for My Home?

For nostalgic or aesthetic reasons, many Americans are interested in learning more about whether or not wood stove heating is a viable way to keep their home cozy in cold weather. They don't want to compromise on environmental impact or pay too much for inferior heating performance. So, is wood stove heating a real option or a fantasy going up in smoke?

Wood Stove Heating is a Realistic Option for Many Homeowners

To put it simply: yes, wood stove heating is a viable tool to deal with cold weather.

Modern wood stove designs are compact, attractive, and safe. Most can be fitted with a blower to distribute wood-heated air throughout an environment. Compared to previous generation wood stove heating technology, modern units really are better than ever before.

But it is 2019 and we're not all just worried about heating potential. Can wood stoves really be an environmentally friendly way to stay warm in winter?

Some of them can be, and the EPA will tell you which.

EPA Certified Wood Heater Database

So, how can you tell if the wood stove you're looking at will burn efficiently? One way is to check the EPA Certified Wood Stove Heater Database. They will tell you all you need to know about particular models. You can find out performance information like the emission rate, heat output, efficiency, carbon monoxide performance, and more. It is the official resource for wood stove heating information in the USA.

And, hey, even if you're not in the USA, it might still be useful resource for performance data. After all, plenty of American-made stoves are sold north of the border in the cold, desolate, barbarian-filled wasteland many refer to as 'Canada'.

Any Other Questions About Wood Stove Heating?

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