Is my AC useless without the Condensate Pump? Ask The Expert Video Episode 280

How long can an AC unit run without a condensate pump? My house gets really hot if I have my AC off and my pump failed. I can't get it fixed for a few days, I also have an outside/inside unit.  You can run your air conditioner without the condensate pump working. Technically the condensate pump is not required for the air conditioner to function. But the problem is going to be that the condensate is going to build up in the drain pan and it is going to spill over the top onto whatever is below it. And if it is in the house then it could cause damage to your insulation or drywall. Get it fixed as soon as you can.

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  • Juan Ucol
    Juan Ucol
    Posted on 10/23/2021

    Is it normal for the outside condenser fan to keep on running while the inside air handler fan has already turned off? I have MRCOOL 2-3 ton with ducted air handler inside. Installed 2 months ago. System's AC function this past summer was really good. It switched to heating at the beginning of this month of October. This morning I noticed the outside condenser fan started to turn on while I was entering house back door; I noticed the air handler is not running. So, I found out that the condenser kept on running while inside air handler had already turned off. I had to turn off the thermostat then turned off the air handler's wall electrical power switch then turned off the outside kill switch for the outside condenser.

    Purchased the heat pump from your store last December and got it installed August this year. Using Honeywell T10 thermostat.

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 10/25/2021

    This sounds like a thermostat functional problem. If the thermostat is still sending a 24v signal for the outdoor unit to run when it should not, then the cause must be determined.

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