Should I Buy an AC Cover for Fall and Winter? - Ask the Expert 373

Should I cover my AC in the fall and winter?

Fall is here and the chill of winter is just around the corner. Homeowners are left with the question: Should I buy an AC Cover for the Fall and Winter?

What do you think, Dan?

Why not?! They're less than $100 on and they are designed to eliminate condensation, prolong the life of your unit, and protect your air conditioner condenser from corrosion.

The pros of using an AC Cover:

Protection from Debris. It'll shield your AC from fallen leaves, sticks, and prevents potential damage to the unit.

Prevents Rust. Exposure to winter weather can cause rust on your AC's components. A cover can help minimize this risk.

Energy Efficiency. Some argue that covering your AC can improve energy efficiency by preventing drafts and heat loss through the unit.

But of course, there are some cons.

Moisture trapping. Covers can trap moisture inside, potentially leading to mold or mildew growth.

Critter attraction. A covered unit might become a shelter for rodents or pests seeking home refuge from the cold.

The Verdict

Ultimately, the decision to cover your air conditioner in the fall and winter depends on your specific circumstances and preferences. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspections, is crucial to ensure your AC unit functions optimally regardless of whether you choose to use a cover.

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