Halloween is Coming Up, Do I Need to Do Anything Special to My HVAC System? Ask the Expert 378

Halloween is coming up, do I need to do anything special to my HVAC system?

Dan, the SpOoOkY season is here, and it can be harsh on our HVAC system. What are some tips we could do to prevent any damage to our system?

This is the perfect time to ensure your HVAC is ready for the changing temperatures and challenges that come with fall.

As the leaves change color and fall from the trees, it's not just your lawn that they cover. Your outdoor A/C condenser can also become a victim of this natural debris. If you're still running your air conditioner while leaves are covering the condenser, it can reduce the unit's efficiency and potentially damage it. Make sure to keep the area around your condenser clear of leaves. Regularly check and clean around your unit for proper airflow. If you've already switched off your A/C for the season, consider covering your condenser with a proper cover designed for this purpose. This helps protect it from leaves, branches and other potential damage. For those who rely on a wood-burning fireplace or stove for warmth, now is a good time to think about chimney maintenance. Ensure your chimney is clean and in good working condition to prevent potential fire hazards and ensure proper ventilation. Finally, one of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system is in peak condition, hire an HVAC tech for a pre-winter check-up. Doing this during the milder fall weather is ideal, as it allows you to address any potential issues before the deep freeze of winter sets in. A professional HVAC tech can inspect your system, clean it, and perform necessary maintenance making sure it's operating efficiently. Plus, it's much easier to schedule a technician during the fall when they're less in demand than the middle of January. To conclude, by taking these steps, you can enjoy Halloween and the beauty of the fall season. Don't let HVAC issues give you a scare - get your system ready for the fall and winter now!
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Hi Dan, Your videos are great...I have 3 questions! 1. I have a 3 zone Mr.Cool (27HP 230) with 2 zones being used: 12hp and 18hp air handlers. How do I calculate what size range I can add to the 3rd port/zone valve? 2.I noticed that the foam insulation that came with the line sets are rather weak, say maybe 1/4" or less. If I took that off and used something better, like the black 1/2" or thicker 3/4" pipe insulation on the line sets, wouldn't they be more efficient? 3rd and last question: I have high ceilings so I need to keep my two air handlers ( mentioned above) set at about 74 degrees on the temperature remote to keep my house at 65 degrees. Is that ok or am I pushing them to their limit? How do I know what is too high of a setting? Not to pop your balloon, but I have won 19 out of 20 Halloween costume contests but then again I'm a professional artist and not an HVAC expert... Thanks, Scott
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