Why is the Blower Fan Always Running with Nest Thermostat? - Ask the Expert Episode 250

This question is from Frank.

“Hey Dan, why does the blower fan run all the time when hooked up to the Nest thermostat?”

I’m not sure what unit he’s talking about, but you can fix that from the app more than likely. Open the Nest app and go to the unit you want to control, which will probably be the air handler or the blower. Choose the fan, modify the settings. Now, from the Nest app, you should be able to turn the fan on and off or adjust the settings.

Your unit is probably just set to “on” and it should be set to “auto”. With on, it just goes all the time. With auto, it turns on and off with the unit.

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  • Tara Westbrook
    Tara Westbrook
    Posted on 3/17/2021

    Hi Dan,

    Can you pair a Trane 4 ton XV20i heat pump compressor with a Trane 3 ton handler?

    Thank you

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/19/2021

    Hi! We do not have technical info for all Trane equipment. However, in general, you cannot connect a condenser with greater capacity to a coil that is smaller capacity. You can go the other way- larger capacity coil with a smaller capacity condenser, if the correct TXV is used.

  • George Jones
    George Jones
    Posted on 2/27/2021

    I have a Trane XL1200 Heat Pump since 1986 (actually 4 units In my home) and replaced one due to leak in A coil. If I replace 2 units now with 18 seer Goodman —can I use the 3/4 “ line set now in place or must I buy 17/16 line set and just change the refrigerant(410A). Does the line set come with the unit?

  • Dan Danowski
    Dan Danowski from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/1/2021

    We cannot really answer accurately without the full model # of the Goodman units you plan to use. The smallest of the 18 seer Goodman units is a 3 ton. Technically, it requires the 7/8 suction line. However, if the lines to the coil were less than 25 ft, the 3/4 lines could be used with a small loss of capacity and efficiency. Anything larger would require at least the 7/8 suction line even for short lengths. No condenser comes with a lineset since all installations are different. You cannot just substitute refrigerant types. If your system is R22, then the indoor coil and metering device will have to be changed also.

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