Can I Buy Different Pre-Charged Line Set Lengths for the MRCOOL DIY? - Ask the Expert Episode 149

The MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split system allows the home owner a choice in heating and cooling their home. So, we often get asked specifically about the length of line set options.

Video Script:

Today's question: Can I buy a pre-charged line set in different lengths for the MRCOOL DIY? The simple answer is no, you cannot. There is only one length for the DIY, but if you need a different length line set, you can get those, they just won't be pre-charged. The DIY Unit comes with a 25-foot line set, so if you need something other than that, you should check out other MRCOOL ductless mini splits.

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  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez
    Posted on 5/24/2019

    Can you trim the line set? Would you have to recharge it? Is the charge in the line set or the outdoor unit?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 5/24/2019

    On the MRCOOL DIY, you cannot trim the line set. The system does not require charging to complete installation. The condenser and the lines are pre-charged.

  • Patricia Karpf
    Patricia Karpf
    Posted on 6/8/2019

    I only need 10 feet of line. Since I can not order shorter than 25 feet what is the best way to handle the excess. And 2nd does having more than is needed effect the efficiency? Thank you for your help, Pat

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 6/10/2019

    For excess DIY line, you can loosely coil the excess and store it nearby. So long as the system is charged properly for the amount of line being used, efficiency should not be significantly impacted.

  • Heidi Hodges
    Heidi Hodges
    Posted on 7/13/2019

    Can you connect 2 16 ft sets of line?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 7/15/2019

    For a normal line, yes. However, you cannot connect together two of the MRCOOL DIY lines. Also, all the DIY lines are 25'.

  • Neil D'Anria
    Neil D'Anria
    Posted on 1/11/2020

    I am trying to hide the extra unsightly lines and was wondering can I bury them directly behind the compressor. The units is interior unit is mounted in a basement just above dirt level and the compressor is just behind it. Thank you

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 1/13/2020

    We've never tested the unit like that. However, we do know that some customers have done it, and don't seem to have any problems. Obviously, you should not bury the drain line.

  • Joey Watkins
    Joey Watkins
    Posted on 2/25/2020

    Is this not a longer pre charged line you can buy?

  • Steven
    Steven from Ingrams
    Posted on 2/26/2020

    When this video was made the line set on MrCool DIY was pre-connected to the air handler. There was not additional line sets available at the time. Since then, MrCool has come out with their 3rd Generation DIY systems, in which the line set is no longer pre-connected. Because of this, MrCool began manufacturing additional length line sets. Currently there is a 16ft. line set available and closer to summer of 2020 there will be a 25ft and a 50ft line set available. Right now the line set lengths can only be swapped out rather than extended, however, again in summer of 2020, MrCool will have available a line set coupler kit for the DIY line set sizes, allowing 2 line sets to be connected together for added length. You can find additional MrCool DIY line sets here (they are labeled MrCool DIY).

  • Yusuf
    Posted on 3/7/2020

    I'm in Arizona usually in summer temperature stay around 110 up to 120 deg f.what is the max operating temperature of your compressor and circuit board for 18000 btu advantage and DIY series.
    Indoor coil and outdoor coil are copper .
    Is the compressor DC inverter system.

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/9/2020

    The DIY 18k will continue cooling up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The Advantage has similar performance.

  • Brian
    Posted on 3/22/2020

    While installing my DIY Mr Cool unit, my lines twisted and broke a couple inches outside the air handler. Should I buy a replacement line set and re-install or repair these lines(solder) and call an HVAC contractor to recharge?

  • Kyle
    Kyle from Ingrams
    Posted on 3/23/2020

    Please call us at 270-575-9595 x300 for warranty and tech department. It might be a situation in which we can just send you a replacement line, but we'll need to know more details to be sure.

  • Brian
    Posted on 3/24/2020

    Thanks, but I think I answered my own question. I took the front cover off and found that these are hard lines with no disconnection point. So, there are no lines to replace. Looks like I'm calling a contractor to braze and recharge. Thanks for your time.

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