Can I Cut Copper By Freezing And Breaking It? - Ask the Expert Episode 186

Is it possible to cut copper by freezing and breaking it?

"I'm trying to cut big pieces of copper. I'm wondering is there any type of solutions to put on the copper to freeze it and hit it so it crumbles or breaks into pieces?"

That sounds like something James Bond would have. It sounds super cool actually. I don't know of any solution like that. Maybe you could use liquid nitrogen. But that seems like it would be really expensive.

You could just get something like a copper tubing cutter or a clamp and a hacksaw and that would work. Or you could get liquid nitrogen and put the copper in it and hit it with a hammer and I think it would shatter because it freezes stuff really well. Don't put your hands in it though, because it will freeze your hands. I saw it in a movie once.

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