Can I Heat And Cool My House At The Same Time? - Ask The Expert Episode 327

Today's question is "Hey Dan, Can a GeoCool heat and cool at the same time? i.e. Cooling off the bedroom while heating up the living room."

No. you would need at least two different systems set up to be able to heat and cool at the time. it is overly complicated and would probably cost more than your house.

Just get a fan.

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  • BigBarney
    Posted on 10/5/2022

    This is not entirely true because the building with a four pipe fan coil system can do heating and cooling at the same time to individual parts of the building.
    I was in a hotel in Cleveland Ohio where they had a four pipe water heating and cooling system with fan coils that could have one part of the building heated and the other part cooled . As the sun went from one side of the building to the other one side would need cooling the other side would need heating so they could satisfy both sides.
    I don't know if both heating and cooling were supplied by the same system or they had two separate systems.

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